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The Magic Shoemaker Live [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 03.12.2008

LABEL: Angel Air

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

On 30th November and 1st December 2007 at The Windlesham Theatre, Surrey, England FIRE one of the UK's most influential underground and progressive rock bands of late 60's/early 70/s reformed to perform their concept album "The Magic Shoemaker". ... MORE

Braff Blaser Duo

Yay [Jazz]

RELEASE: 19.11.2008

LABEL: Fresh Sound New Talent

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

Recorded in Lausanne, 2007 - The Braff-Blaser Duo is probably one of the most outstanding duos in Europe. Trombonist Samuel Blaser is joined by the incledible pianist Malcolm Braff. Together, they explore all the possibilities of their instruments ... MORE

Balcazar, Juan Pablo

Viaje Voyage [Jazz]

RELEASE: 19.11.2008

LABEL: Fresh Sound New Talent

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

RECORDED in Girona, October 26, 2007 It was in the Summer of 2005 when bassist Juan Pablo Balcazar first thought about a project that involved two worlds; Bogotá, his birthplace; and Barcelona, the adoptive city. He wanted to write music that ... MORE

Rigby, Jason

The Sage [Jazz]

RELEASE: 19.11.2008

LABEL: Fresh Sound New Talent

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

RECORDED in New York City, 2008 With The Sage, Jason Rigby has composed an album that's thoughtprovoking without being pretentious, accessible without being insubstantial. Rigby is a fine saxophonist who builds coherent ideas gradually without ... MORE

Chubby, Popa

Vicious Country [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.11.2008

LABEL: Dixie Frog

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

Der Ausnahmemusiker aus New York! Im Schmelztiegel von New York City wurde seine Musik geformt. Sein innovativer Stil verbindet den Blues mit Rock, Rap und Hip Hop. Mit seiner rasiermesser-scharfen, beissenden Gitarre und seiner phänomenalen ... MORE

Wishbone Ash

Argus "Then Again" Live [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.11.2008

LABEL: Talking Elephant

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

Live-Mitschnitt vom 6. Mai 2008 vor einem Studio-Publikum in den XM Satellite Radio Studios in Washington D.C. Wishbone Ash - das hieß stets und heißt heute noch: irgendwie anders als die anderen, irgendwie eigensinnig, in jedem Fall aber ... MORE

Monne, Joan

Standarts [Jazz]

RELEASE: 07.10.2008

LABEL: Fresh Sound New Talent

VERTRIEB: Fenn Music

Joan Monné (p), Bori Albero (b), David Xirgu (d) RECORDED Barcelona, 2008 After a long period without new recordings available, Catalan pianist Joan Monné comes back to the store's selves with a nice collection of standards. A right selected string ... MORE

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