No Fun At All

Low Rider [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Deaf & Dumb

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

It's a long way home from wherever you are if your hometown is SKINNSKATTEBERG/FAGERSTA in Sweden while going bonkers all over the world for more than a decade. With four albums and two compilations "No straight angles" 1994, "Out Of Bounds" 1995, ... MORE

Angil & Hiddentracks

Ouilposaliva [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Chemikal Underground

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade

Mickaël Mottet has been toiling in the French indie mines for more than a decade under the name Angil, often with a revolving collective of like-minded collaborators from all over dubbed the Hiddentracks. In the summer of 2006, Mottet gathered ... MORE

Smiths, The

The Sound Of The Smiths [Pop]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Rhino

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Sie waren die Indie-Stil- und Pop-Ikonen der achtziger Jahre und bereiteten den Weg für den BritPop und die British Explosion der Neunziger: THE SMITHS. Galten die beiden Hauptsongwriter ... MORE

Cooder, Ry

Ry Cooder Anthology-UFO Has Landed [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Rhino

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group

Tracklisting 1.1 3:18 Get Rhythm 1.2 3:11 Low--Commotion 1.3 2:13 Available Space 1.4 2:57 On A Monday 1.5 3:01 Do Re Mi 1.6 3:47 Which Came First 1.7 5:29 The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) 1.8 4:17 ... MORE

Greg Weeks

The Hive [Pop]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Cooperative Music

VERTRIEB: Universal

Tracklisting 1 You Won't Be The Same Ever Again 2 The Lamb's Path 3 Lay Low 4 Borderline 5 Burn The Margins 6 The Hive 7 Funhouse 8 Not Meant For Light 9 The Wait 10 Donovan 11 ... MORE


Coastlines [Pop]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Internasjonal


Already known to the musically enlightened (and awake) as Sorcerer (DanielJudd) and Hatchback (Sam Grawe) they hail from San Francisco and they make some incredibly exciting and beautiful music. As you'll read in the Q and A with Sam further down, I ... MORE


Blank Fade [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Minus


Tracklisting 1. Volve (4:15) 2. Face Down (4:10) 3. Ground (3:42) 4. Ciliate With (5:29) (CD + Digital Only) 5. Whether Or Not (4:10) (CD + Digital Only) 6. Substance B (4:53) 7. Comma, Fade (6:27) 8. Leave It (5:43) 9. Trunkated ... MORE


Rock Firm [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Heartbeat

VERTRIEB: in-akustik

Medhane Tewolde & Noah Isac Tewolde The Nazarenes sound is a fresh and vibrant blend of Roots-Reggae with an array of melodies and savvy arrangements that are complimented by haunting vocals. The music is both spiritual and inspirational and carries ... MORE

Ich + Ich

Vom Selben Stern Live [Pop]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Polydor

VERTRIEB: Universal

Ich+Ich startet am 8. Oktober 2008 in Wien die “Vom Selben Stern” Herbsttour. Insgesamt 31 Termine werden der charismatische Adel Tawil und seine Band in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz spielen. Bereits jetzt sind viele Tourstädte restlos ... MORE

Gross, Andreas

Hail To The Employee [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Echozone


„Hail to the Employee“ ist bereits das vierte Album von Andreas Gross, auf dem auch dieses Mal wieder ein ganz eigenes musikalisches Universum seine Türen öffnet. Abseits jeglichen Trends präsentieren sich die Songs auf diesem Album als filigrane ... MORE

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