Keegan, Tim

Foreign Domestic [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 22.06.2007

LABEL: Label Of Love

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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"My name is Tim Keegan. I'm an English songwriter, singer and rhythm guitar player and I currently live in Brighton. I've been putting out records on independent labels around the world in various guises since the mid 1990s. My best-known work in recent years has been as front man of Departure Lounge.

"Foreign Domestic" is my debut solo album. It was recorded in Nashville, Paris and London between January 2003 and November 2006. The album sleeve features a Velosolex - the bicycle with an engine - invented in France after the war as an economical and practical means of transport for the people in their hour of need. I like to think this reflects the music inside. The songs are the bicycle, the production and arrangements are the engine, and I'm thinking too much when I should be just enjoying the ride.

From 1998 to 2002 I was singer and principal songwriter of Departure Lounge. We were cursed with the label "critically acclaimed", making album of the week in the Sunday Times with our self-released debut, "Out Of Here" (Meek Giant1999). They called it "some of the most wonderful, eclectic, optimistic pop music being created at the moment". The NME swooned, "Casebook studies in flawless songwriting. This is great pop music, resolutely free of pretence".
The follow-up, "Too Late To Die Young" (Bella Union 2002) featuring "mercurial" (Uncut) production by Kid Loco, earned 4-star reviews from Q and The Independent and was heralded by Magnet magazine in the US as "A top to bottom masterwork… Among the best English pop created in a decade", and we made number one on the Belgian national airplay charts with the single "King Kong Frown". We also had songs featured in the films "The Butterfly Effect" and "Sidewalks Of New York", and the TV shows "Desperate Housewives" and "Teachers".

"Foreign Domestic" was recorded over a four year period in between working on various album projects with French artists Tahiti 80, Emilie Simon, Fugu, Sebastien Schuller, aswefall, Veo-Veo, Kid Loco, Josh Rouse."

Tim Keegan, March 2007

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 6.6.2007)
01. Where To Start (Intro)
02. Where The Flowers Grow
03. On A Good Day
04. Sweet Sweet Smile
05. You Make Me Sad
06. When Darkness Falls
07. Morning Missed
08. Kitten Killa
09. Digging For Gold
10. La Vie Normale
11. Old Man's Tears
12. From Up A Tree


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