The Emperor's New Clothes [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 27.04.2007

LABEL: Commercial Suicide

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


Klute is really great. He’s been making music one way or another for quite a long time now and some people think he’s gotten quite good at it. At one point in time enough people thought him good enough that he decided to quit his job and become a fulltime Klute. He is now drum & bass' leading fulltime Klute. That was after he was in a hardcore punk band -when he was a kid in the 80s- called The Stupids. They were really good at first too, but then got boring and fell apart, not after some juicy ego clashes. Anyway, Klute - Tom Withers, started back in 1994, i think, when he was asked for a name to keep exclusive to Certificate 18 records, when they agreed on 2 tracks to be his first single. It was where he stayed until 2000, when he delivered his second album for Cert 18 called "Fear Of People". At this point in time Tom decided to make a change and, realizing no one else was interested in releasing his music, decided to set up his own label Commercial Suicide. With his own platform set up anything was possible, he could even release music by other idiots. Which he did. Perhaps too much.
After a while other people regained their confidence in Klute and asked him to record for their labels - as a guest. Those people brave enough include Metalheadz, Hospital, Soul:r, 31 Records, Moving Shadow, XL, Parlaphone and EMI.
An interesting fact no one knows about Tom Klute is that he is the world's leading composer of airport music. Most of you who’ve travelled the friendly skies will have unknowingly heard his works at one time or another.
Now we come to 2007 and Klute is ready for fucking more, and more it is with his 5th album "The Emperor's New Clothes".
Two Years in the making working mostly out of London and New York amassing more than 40 tunes, Klute decided to yet again present 2 CDs with his seperate sides. One drum & bass, the other techno.
CD 1 is the journey of d&b, opening with the unique half time sounds of "174Bpm", so named so DJs would understand they could mix it in a set. "Never Never" features the guest vocals of Jerry Childs, ex-love interest of George Michael. All the rest is, you know, d&b, but quite well thought out and detailed...something you're going to have to listen to.
CD 2 is techno, Klute style.


CD 1
01. 174 Bpm
02. Never Never
03. Freedom Come (w/ Calibre)
05. Toiler
06. Flight
07. Our Leader
08. Property is Theft
09. Hell Hath No Fury
10. We Control the Vertical
11. Shirtless
12. Revolution

CD 2
01. Pissed Jeans
02. Fuck Minimal
03. Machine Gun Etiquette
04. Maintain
05. Only Memory is a Good One
06. Sexy Party
07. Tight Black Pants
08. TSA
09. Walking Blind
10. There is a Point
11. Sold Out
12. Outside

KLUTE will be touring worldwide to promote this album, the following dates have ben confirmed so far:

23.03.2007 - Bournemouth, UK
30.03.2007 - Swansea, UK
31.03.2007 - Montpellier, France
06.04.2007 - Geneva, Switzerland
07.04.2007 - Nottingham, UK
11.04.2007 - Swerve, London
19.04.2007 - Movement, London
20.04.2007 - Birmingham, UK
21.04.2007 - Cardiff, UK
28.04.2007 - Berlin, Germany
05.05.2007 - Leeds, UK
09.05.2007 - Dunedin, New Zealand
10.05.2007 - Wellington, New Zealand
11.05.2007 - Auckland, New Zealand
12.05.2007 - Christchurch, New Zealand
17.05.2007 - Adelaide, Australia (tbc)
18.05.2007 - Melbourne, Australia (tbc)
19.05.2007 - Perth, Australia (tbc)
25.05.2007 - Basel, Switzerland
08.06.2007 - Newcastle, UK

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 20.3.2007)


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