Aeons [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 04.04.2008

LABEL: Maintain Records

VERTRIEB: twilight-Vertrieb

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One thing is for sure, the musical combination of bands such as AVULSED, COERCION, GRAVE, THIRDMOON and DISTASTE can bring about one result only: a truly brutal Death Metal inferno!

This is exactly the case with GODHATECODE. None less than Pelle Ekegren (drummer of Coercion and Grave) handles the sticks. One of the most go-getting and creative personalities on the scene Wolfgang Rothbauer (Thirdmoon, In Slumber, Eisblut) assumes responsibility for song-writing and guitars. Armin Schweiger at the mike imparts the grind-core affinity of his band Distaste, and with Tana from Spaniards Avulsed on bass guitar the line-up of GODHATECODE has been graced by yet another international talent.
GODHATECODE are not merely an artificially designed partnership of convenience. Having toured together for the last 15 years, the members have developed close friendships and deep mutual respect. Their musical language is consequently built on an honest foundation - clearly evident in their live performances.

GODHATECODE is the result of what its members have stood for for many years: old-school Death Metal with enormous brutality! And what’s more, their extreme sound and uncompromising production has resulted in an album of the very highest standard.
The concept behind 'Aeons' concerns the mental world of a serial killer lost in a state of hypnotic agony, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the music.

With this debut album GODHATECODE already have the potential to secure the top position in the genre.

(Quelle: Maintain Records)


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