Nuclear Jazz [Jazz]

RELEASE: 30.03.2007

LABEL: Nonplace

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


10 years ago, in December 1997 Atom™ and Burnt Friedman teamed up in Santiago de Chile to compose their first collaborative record "Templates". Atom™, also known as Señor Coconut, had moved life and studio to Chile in 1997 and B.Friedman flew in as part of his annual travel to New Zealand and Australia.

"In Europe you always have the feeling that there's a lot of history, a lot of burden and ballast, historical and cultural accumulations. Here (in South America) you can get away from everything. It's quite rough, almost virgin. Here everything is just happening," states Atom™ in The Wire, 1999.

Equipped with few electronic production devices: sampler, sequencer and keyboard, the duo managed to produce the entire first Flanger record "Templates" within one week only. On their search for the ultimate organic, non-repetitive soundscape they intended to blur the borders between "real", "fake" and "hyperreal": songs may start with an accumulation of shortest possible noise fragments derived from self-made instrumental samples - programmed with the deliberate avoidance of repetition - developing into the acoustic sound of a real jazz trio playing live. ""Templates" was a simulation of small group jazz. What sounded superficially like real time playing was revealed to be samples deployed in a psychedelic demonstration of Friedman's Nonplace ideas, undercutting the record's apparent virtuosity and any assumptions about the meaning of the word 'genuine'", reviews The Wire magazine in 1999.

Shortly after Burnt's arrival back in Cologne in 1998 he received a call from the Ninja Tune label stating interest in a new project (Friedman's early dub grooves came out on Ninja in 1993 under the name Drome and Nonplace Urban Field). Hence, Ninja Tune started promoting "Templates" on two Flanger 12" vinyl records: the beginning of a 4 year-relationship with the dominating english freak-beat headquarter.
Only one year later the duo decided to continue with their programmed jazz improvisations and connected their "brain to midi interfaces" in sunny Santiago again.
"Atom™ and Burnt Friedman found a place where they could indulge their sheer love of playing," as stated in the 1999 liner notes of the second album "Midnight Sound". They added the latin flavour wherever they could. "Not only their wealth of ideas but also their ability to 'humanize' the sound of samples, coupled with the funkiness of their music, is evident on this album. With electrically defamiliarized instrument set ups, "Midnight Sound" ignores all the stylistic pigeon holes that critics so love squeezing musicians into. There seems to be nothing Flanger is reluctant to touch upon."

What the Nonplace label now offers with this "two in one" - reissue of Flanger's 'Future Jazz' classics is a 79-minute-assembly (carefully edited down from around 100 minutes of original music) of the most compelling, intricate and witty electronic collaborative utterings to date.
"This is lightyears ahead of what anyone else is doing." (Footloose Magazine, 1999)

01. Intro 0:55
02. Music To Begin With 1 3:10
03. Music To Begin With 2 4:59
04. Endless Summer 4:54
05. Options In The Fire 3:12
06. Short Note With A Few 6:20
07. Studio Tan 6:00
08. Full On Scientist 5:50
09. Lata 5:47
10. Nightbeat 1 3:52
11. Bosco´s Disposable Driver 5:15
12. Midnight Sound 3:26
13. We Move 4:44
14. Human Race Race 3:53
15. Angel Of Love 3:26
16. Nightbeat 2 3:44
17. Stepping Out Of My Dream 5:43
18. Tangram 3:59 Flanger Golf Club Remix (bonus track)

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 6.2.2007)


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