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Le Danse [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 21.10.2011

LABEL: Pschent Rec.

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade

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Slove are driven as much by the flamboyance of yesterday’s indie-pop as they are by the urgency of today’s electro. The two founding members, Léo Hellden and Julien Barthe, are involved in several major projects on the French music scene (Aswefall and Tristesse Contemporaine for the first, and Plaisir de France and Sweetlight /Abusator for the second). Slove are getting ready to release, in September, their breakthrough album which blends ice and fire and pays subtle homage to the indie-dance bands (Pale Saints, Slowdive, Stones Roses) the two comrades worship. Slove give us a fresh take on stylish hedonistic pop backed by modern and sophisticated arrangements.

Leo Hellden is a Swedish musician with a wealth of musical experience. After serving as a guitarist with Jay Jay Johanson in the late 90s, he moved to Paris to write music and immerse himself in the literary classics. He played in the band Véo Véo before embarking on the production of a debut album with Clément Vaché: Aswefall’s record was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The duo went on to record a second album in 2010, while Léo also became very much involved in the Slove project alongside Julien Plaisir de France as well as in Tristesse Contemporaine alongside Maik and Narumi.

Forever treading the line between innocence and provocation, Julien Plaisir de France (1973) has been active on the French music scene for these past ten years, his motto being “if you want it done, do it yourself”. After an indie-pop fuelled decade in the 90s, the DJ threw himself into the rave circuit in 1995 and, in 2000, into composing in all kinds of style via labels such as Freak n’Chic, Turbo, Skint and Output... His numerous residencies and DJ sets took him to many clubs in France and abroad (The End, Fabric, Pulp, Paris Paris, Rex Club, Les Bains), and he saw his various radio appearances (FG, Nova, RTBF…) as opportunities to present playful and dancey music sequences, the sole aim being his own/our “Plaisir” (i.e. enjoyment)! In line with his quest for enjoyment, his love for French film (Eric Rohmer, Chabrol, etc.) and nostalgic photography (David Hamilton) enabled him to work in sound design prior to recording his first album with Slove in 2010.

DISCOGRAPHIE Julien Barthe (plaisir de france / slove / sweetlight 2000/2011)

♦ Slove "le danse" Pschent Wagram 2011
♦ plaisir de france remix Mikado 'Daccord d'accord" (pschent (june 2011)
♦ plaisir de france "revisite " limited edition of 12 french remixes for Colette
♦ plaisir de france remix Clock opéra peine of strings Maman records 2010
♦ plaisir de france remix Alexandre chatelard EKLER'O'SHOCK 2010
♦ plaisir de france remix Vandaveer "marianne " alter k 2010
♦ plaisir de france remix The Postamrks "lucky charms" US release 2009
♦ plaisir de france remix Catriona Irving "sittingontheshelfwithout shelly" neednowatter
♦ plaisir de france remix Rue royale"saynowwouldyou" plaisirdefrance remix neednowatter
♦ plaisir de france remix this the kit "earthquake" plaisir de france remix neednowatter 2009
♦ plaisir de france remix Donzelle "la biere sur les gamines "soundpounding 2009
♦ plaisir de france remix Vive la fête / liberté / Surprise records 2008
♦ plaisir de france remix Tiga "shoes" 2008 turbo recordings
♦ plaisir de france 1994/2009 prozak trax 2008
♦ plaisir de france "time to time" pro-zak trax 2008
♦ sweetlight remix Chromeo bonafied lovin Turbo recordings 2007
♦ sweetlight remix Chef spartaking pro-zak trax 2007
♦ sweetlight "magie pour Dames" ep (Kitsuné)unreleased 2007
♦ sweetlight remix Muskat Nus mysteek drive dirty dancing be 2006
♦ sweetlight remix Etienne Daho / le grand sommeil / Turbo records 2006
♦ sweetlight DK7 / whats the fun / Output records records
♦ sweetlight remix Northren lights caucasian boy Skint records2005
♦ sweetlight & Dan Ghenacia Frequency EP (Brique Rouge) 2005
♦ sweetlight Mécaniques Remontes EP (FreaK nChic) 2005
♦ sweetlight Abusator / Trixx EP (FreaK nChic) 2005
♦ sweetlight Abusator black strobe remix + nirvana (FreaK nChic) 2005
♦ sweetlight Niravana with abusator Black Strobe remix ! (FreaK nChic) 2005
♦ plaisir de france Suave Tempo EP (Pro Zak Trax) 2001
♦ plaisir de france Rush EP (Pro Zak Trax) 2002
♦ plaisir de france Plaisir EP (Pro Zak Trax) 2000

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