DJ Kentaro

Enter [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 20.04.2007

LABEL: Ninja Tune

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade


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DJ Kentaro, 2002 DMC World Champion, zeigt auf seinem Debütalbum „Enter“ (Ninja Tune / Rough Trade / 20.04.2007) erstmals seine Fähigkeiten als Produzent. Mit Gästen wie Pharcyde, Spank Rock und Fat Jon, ist ihm ein abwechslungsreiches Werk gelungen.
Sein Ausnahmetalent an den Turntables könnt ihr in Hülle und Fülle bei YouTube bewundern.

(Quelle: Verstärker, 28.3.2007)

After announcing himself to a worldwide audience with his Solid Steel mix "On The Wheels Of Solid Steel", Japan's DJ Kentaro returns with his full production debut, "Enter". Forty minutes of beautifully structured beats, musical smarts and occasional smattering of turntable magic, the record also features guest turns from The Pharcyde (Not on promo), Spank Rock, New Flesh, Little Tempo, Hifana and Fat Jon.

Kentaro is best known as a phenomenal turntablist and former DMC World Champion, but on this debut record, he's more concerned with showing his muscle as a music producer. Which is why "Enter" runs from the funk of "Free" to the dubby downtempo soul of "Tasogare Highway…", through the drum and bass attack of "Rainy Day," the live reggae feel of "Handmade Gift," the squelching dance aesthetic of "Space Jungle," on into the tribal space-jazz of "Harvest Dance," the epic turntable cut-up of "One Hand Blizzard" and, finally, the cosmic hip hop of "Let It Go". It's not that he can't scratch the shit out of a piece of vinyl when he wants to (check finale "Grateful To You") it's just that he understands that making a great album demands a wider palette.

Utterly contemporary, completely rooted in hip hop's old skool aesthetics and with a magpie naivety which gives him a freedom within them...

Kentaro enters your musical consciousness so that you can enter his. Come in…


Enter The Newground
Keep On (feat. Pharcyde)
Free (feat. Spank Rock)
Tasogare Highway High "Bass Wanna Be A Singer"
Rainy Day (feat. New Flesh)
Handmade Gift (feat. Little Tempo)
Space Jungle (feat. MC Spank Rock, Ronnie Darko, Chris Rockswell and Armani Xxxchange)
Nursery Room
Harvest dance (feat. Hifana)
One Hand Blizzard
Brightin' Star Enter
Let It Go (feat. Fat Jon)
Hatsuyume (feat. Hunger)
Grateful To You

(Quelle: Verstärker)


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