Heartbreak Stereo

Inspiration (Back From The Dead) [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 13.03.2009

LABEL: Rookie Records

VERTRIEB: Cargo Records GmbH


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Heartbreak Stereo is an energetic punk rock sing-along trio from the Southwest of Finland. These Finnish fellas have played numerous shows around Europe since late 2004, touring mostly in old reeking Volvos. Having played in various bands for the past 10 year there is no doubt this three-piece knows, and loves what they are doing.

Their first release was in 2005 with a self-released s/t 5 track EP and the followup EP, Echo Road, was released by Fast Freddie Productions in 2007.

In 2008 HEARTBREAK STEREO released their first full-lenght records "Inspiration (Back from the Dead)" on Mitstrick Records in Finland in the end of September followed by a three week tour playing 18 shows in six European countries.

On March 13th 2009 the debut album will be released in Europe by Rookie Records and in England & Japan through BossTunage.

With influences of bands like Social Distortion, Madcap, the Bronx, the Briefs, Bombshell Rocks, Against Me! Rancid, The Briggs among others, HEARTBREAK STEREO has shared the stage around Europe with bands like: BORN TO LOSE (USA), RAT CITY RIOT (US), MAD CADDIES (USA), HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (SWE), SPLITSIDE (SWE), HUDSON FALCONS(US), NO SHAME, THE CONFESSION (SWE), HEARTATTACK RADIO (BE) ...etc...

Combine catchy punkrock-songs and a good old punk rock show with Finnish drinking manners, and Heartbreak Stereo is what you get!
See you at the shows!

Heartbreak Stereo live Tourdates 2009

  • 07. Mrz. 2009, 20:00: Gås Live! / Brother Tuck w/Culebras, Kombat Katz. Stockholm, SWE
  • 17. Mrz. 2009, 20:00: Klubi. w/Hard-Ons (aus), Tampere, FIN
  • 18. Mrz. 2009, 20:00: Klubi. w/Hard-Ons (aus), Turku, FIN
  • 19. Mrz. 2009, 20:00: Tavastia. w/Hard-Ons (aus), Helsinki, FIN
  • 27. Mrz. 2009, 21:00: S-osis. w/Mugshot, The Dwyers, Turku, FIN
  • 03. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Red Neck w/Pelle Miljoona Unabomber, Jyväskylä, FIN
  • 04. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Vastavirta. w/Pelle Miljoona Unabomber Tampere, FIN
  • 08. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Club Liberté, Helsinki, FIN
  • 16. Apr. 2009, 20:00: KB Vinylbaren, Malmö, SWE
  • 17. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Kneipe Panic Room, Essen, DE
  • 19. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Subway to Peters, Chemnitz, DE
  • 20. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Tsunami Club, Köln, DE
  • 21. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Immerhin , Würzburg, DE
  • 23. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Tikis Pub, Genf, CH
  • 25. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Estraperlo Club, Barcelona, ES
  • 28. Apr. 2009, 20:00: Centre Social Apaga La Tele, Girona, ES
  • 29. Apr. 2009, 20:00: L’embuscade, Bayonne, FR
  • 02. Mai. 2009, 20:00: Waldital, Neumünster, DE
  • 07. Mai. 2009, 20:00: On the Rocks.w/Pelle Miljoona Unabomber, Helsinki, FIN
  • 08. Mai. 2009, 20:00: Status. w/Pelle Miljoona Unabomber, Forssa, FIN
  • 22. Mai. 2009, 20:00: Bohemia. w/Pelle Miljoona Unabomber, Helsinki, FIN
  • 29. Mai. 2009, 22:00: AJZ Chemnitz. w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Chemnitz, DE
  • 30. Mai. 2009, 20:00: TBA w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Bamberg, DE
  • 31. Mai. 2009, 20:00: Music House w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Graz, AT
  • 01. Jun. 2009, 20:00: Lochness Pub w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Riva Del Garda, IT
  • 04. Jun. 2009, 20:00: AK 47 w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Düsseldorf, DE
  • 05. Jun. 2009, 20:00: Neue Spinnerei w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Dülmen, DE
  • 06. Jun. 2009, 20:00: Wild At Heart w/Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Berlin, DE


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