Coastlines [Pop]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Internasjonal



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Already known to the musically enlightened (and awake) as Sorcerer (DanielJudd) and Hatchback (Sam Grawe) they hail from San Francisco and they make some incredibly exciting and beautiful music. As you'll read in the Q and A with Sam further down, I was already doing remixes for both Daniel's and Sam's solo projects before I realized they where Windsurf together. My first idea was to put out their previously digital release (“WindsurfEP”) on vinyl but as we connected more tracks and ideas came up. Finally, when I was over in San Francisco last summer our relationship was further cemented over glasses of scottish whisky. has been a long wait for us all and I'm very thankful that Dan and Sam trusted me with their “baby” even though they had no idea of trusting me as a capable “babysitter”. The record was originally intended as the perfect pre summer release but I've got to say it suits the cool breeze of autumn just as perfectly. This album has been constantly on my ipod for a few months now and even though I might be biased I know I'll be playing this the whole winter through (and next summer to) Coastlines a true labour of love I'm unfortunately not very good at describing their music ( Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese meets Steely Dan?) but I guess the best point id to check the guys own “SoundCosmos” further down. The album will be followed shortly by the second 12” release take out. It will include “Bird of paradise”, a remix of said track by Studio and a very cool slo-mo house take by fellow californian The Beatbroker. And hey!.....the first Windsurf release is also available of course. Also worth mentioning, in the meantime since we started collaborating Sorcerer has released his debut album on Tirk and Hatchback has recently completed an album for LO Recordings. They've also managed to complete some seriously stunning and epic remixes for Shawn Lee, Low Motion Disco, Black Mustang and LCD Soundsystem. This is just the beginning...

(Quelle: What People Play, 18.12.2008)


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