Sturm & Drang

Rock'n Roll Children [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 09.01.2009

LABEL: Gun Records



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Am 09. Januar erscheint das neue STURM & DRANG Album "Rock'n Roll Children"! Darauf befindet sich auch die aktuelle Single „Break Away“.

Sturm und Drang are poised for a sensational return this year when they release their second album “Rock ‘n Roll Children”. The eagerly awaited follow-up to the platinum-selling debut “Learning To Rock” will hit the stores in Finland on November 12.

In 2007 the Finnish teenager heavy rock sensation kicked the dust off people's butts with their energizing and powerful debut, and now, after touring Finland, Central Europe and Japan for over 100 shows, they have fueled up the engine with ten new powerful and catchy rock tunes. The sophomore release “Rock ‘n Roll Children” is a dynamic combination of fast and furious metal songs and rock gems with huge sing-along choruses.

“The title ‘Rock ‘n Roll Children’ does not really stand for the band themselves, but it’s more like a symbol for the whole Rock ‘n Roll generation, all the people around the world who listen to rock and metal music; the ‘children’, the ‘disciples’ of Rock ‘n Roll. It also has an ironic touch to it, because the title itself doesn’t really promise too much, but when people hear the music, they notice that we actually are mature and skillful enough to play heavy metal. In my opinion, that’s much better and cleverer than to promise too much – as if we would name the album like ‘Gods of Metal’ or equal”, describes the vocalist Andre Linman the story behind the album title.

Having formed the band as young as at the age of 13, Sturm und Drang have developed remarkably fast to a noteworthy heavy metal band with a good bit of mainstream appeal. Now around 16 and 17 years old, the band members are both, skillful musicians and charismatic performers, who know how to communicate with their audience.

Already now, Sturm und Drang have experienced more than an average teenager could even wish for, and the story sees no ending. On their journey so far the group of five teenagers has seen numerous sold-out venues, award ceremonies and thousands of screaming fans all around the world. Making waves here and there, Sturm und Drang have toured Scandinavia, Central Europe and Japan, opened for Apocalyptica on their European tour and played Wacken Open Air for two consecutive years.


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