Sunset Blvd. (Athen)

The Most Beautiful Girl [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 05.12.2008

LABEL: Klik Records

VERTRIEB: Nova Media Distribution

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I guess it all started just after Baltimore Days a noon at one of Hiltons cafes. It was early February and the only thing I was sure about was the albums title: The Most Beautiful Girl. Every night in youtube Blind Willie Johnson was singing the depression era blues Black was the night, Cold was the Ground. The Rainy Night In Georgia was teaching me how simple a song could be, while Marvin Gay with Inner City Blues was reminding me that even 40 years later life is still cruel that Makes You Wanna Holler ...

I could stop at delta gospel and blues samples. I chose f***** reality. The broken story of a waitress somewhere in Nebraska, there, where the west begins. The desperation and extreme feelings of a looser in "That Kind Of Man. After an electric dubby version in March, I resolved in thetranquility of an almost unplugged, remorseful version. I could stay in just 10 of John Lee Hookers hobo chorus in the legacy of Ladies and gentlemen Elvis left the building….I chose the lyrics from a cutting edge tech sound. The acoustic guitar and the piano in the beginning of Think of Me, the trumpets in Shea Town and M1 Korgs I15 vibraphone in Rain in 57th. Only a bossa could let me balance the lyrics in Loving You. Something almost neutral next to Leave me there, close enough to the ocean… Something melancholic like the train in Train comin. Many times you result on something, you reach to a conclusion: Protection has no end… and you know that the only way to express this is a runaway blues like Laetitia.

Today, 8 months later The Most Beautiful Girl looks like a musical sequence that started with Tell Me About America without being able to know when it will be finished…. Today, 8 months later I am sure that music cannot anymore be characterized with meaningless definitions like jazzy, bluesy, loungy and even worse, chill.Today I spend my days drinking, smoking, wandering, stepping to the a.m.. And all the times I remember them saying: honey you are the most beautiful girl, the most beautiful girl in the whole world ...

(Quelle: Nova Media Distribution, 2008)


1. Think Of Me
2. Rain in 57th
3. The Most Beautiful Girl
4. Train Comin
5. How Many More Blues
6. Loving You
7. Baltimore Days
8. That Kind Of Man
9. Hip Walk
10. (Came From The) Shea Town
11. Laetitia


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