Foreign Exchange

Leave It All Behind [Soul, Funk, R'n'B]

RELEASE: 10.10.2008

LABEL: Hard Boiled

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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Four years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Connected”, The Foreign Exchange are back with the highly anticipated sophomore set, “Leave It All Behind”.

Consisting of singer/songwriter Phonte and producer Nicolay, The Foreign Exchange came together via the online hip hop community in 2002. After collaborating and building a rapport online via instant messenger for over a year, Nicolay (living in his native Holland at the time) and Phonte (a Raleigh, NC, resident) completed their debut album before actually having met each other face to face.

The album “Connected” was released in 2004 to stellar reviews, and was praised by legendary DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, King Britt, and DJ Spinna for its inventive mix of hip hop, R&B, and electronica.

“Leave It All Behind” finds The Foreign Exchange much closer in geography – Nicolay has since become a resident of Wilmington, NC – but located much further from their hip hop origins. The duo’s second full-length is a dark, multi-layered affair that features Phonte showcasing his abilities as an exceptional lead and harmony vocalist, while Nicolay extends his musical palette to include sprinklings of jazz, downtempo, house and more. The lush, Darien Brockington-assisted “Take Off The Blues” picks up where "Connected"’s sleeper hit “Come Around” left off, while the complex polyrhythm and dreamy synthesizers of “Sweeter Than You” are described by Phonte as “swing jazz for the next century”. Marc Mac (of legendary UK production team 4Hero), also contributes a string arrangement to the duo’s glorious cover of Stevie Wonder’s oft-forgotten 1991 gem, “If She Breaks Your Heart”.

In addition to appearances from longtime FE affiliates Darien Brockington and Yahzarah, the album also features guest shots from producer/keyboardist Zo! and the fast rising star that is vocalist Muhsinah.

The album package includes an exclusive bonus CD with instrumentals.

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 26.9.2008)


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