Snöleoparden [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 15.08.2008

LABEL: rump recordings

VERTRIEB: Nova Media Distribution

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'Snöleoparden' - the snowleopard is a rare and threatened animal, native to the harsh and remote areas of the mountain ranges of central Asia.
There are several reasons why multi-instrumentalist Jonas Stampe has chosen this particular animal as his alter-ego; just like the snowleopard, Stampe has roots in Asia, more precisely in Pakistan, and the lithe physique of the snowleopard can also be compared to Stampe´s almost gymnastic ability to switch smoothly between different musical genres.

Apart from being mainly instrumental Snöleoparden´s music comprises such different elements as psych folk, world music, Steve Reich-like minimalism, Pakistani folk songs, childrens pop songs, ritual/ceremonial music, electronica & psychedelic rock.
During recordings as well as live sets Snöleoparden uses mostly homemade instruments, reel-to-reel tape recorders and guitar pedals to create his music.

A strong fascination for world music has led Jonas Stampe to travel a lot, especially in India, Pakistan and Morocco. In 1998 he spend one year in India as a sitar-student under Ravi Shankar, and in 1999 he was a part of Ravi Shankars live-group on a tour in the UK.
Since 2000 Jonas Stampe has played guitar in the Danish indietronica band Mofus, guitar and sitar with cyber-jazz band Badun, and worked as a session musician (mainly on sitar) on several records with different artists including Barun Kumar Pal, The Broken Beats, Puddu Varano, Grassskirt, Antophones, Glen Scott, Vektormusik and Karsten Pflum.

(Quelle: rump recordings, 2008)


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