Beneath The Sky

The Day The Music Died [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Victory Records

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


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The Day the Music Died. It’s a loaded phrase that is primed to spark different emotions from a wide range people. Perhaps it is an ironic title choice for a new exciting, new record from a Cincinnati, Ohio-based heavy metal band, but it’s definitely not an album that you are soon to forget.

Rising from the ashes of various local acts, BENEATH THE SKY came together mid-2003 and the band’s immense potential was evident immediately. “From the start, we wanted to create a different sound,” notes guitarist Jeff Nelson. “We knew we had it right after the very first show. Everything just clicked.”

Indeed it did. In January of 2004, BENEATH THE SKY entered a Cincinnati studio to cut a simple four-song demo. Only weeks after its completion, 5,000 copies had already been purchased. After rigorous touring, paying special attention to the Midwest circuit, the sextet recorded five additional songs in Cleveland for another anticipated EP. Copies of that impressive follow-up were snatched up even more quickly than the previous release. All of the commotion attracted the attention of Victory Records. Signing shortly after showcasing for the staff, BENEATH THE SKY immediately went back into the studio to create their first full-length album, What Demons Do to Saints.

After the release of Demons, and another bout of relentless touring where they shared the stage with such acts as Shadows Fall, Bury Your Dead, Haste the Day and From Autumn to Ashes, the hardworking troupe began writing what was to be their sophomore release, the now titled The Day the Music Died. Despite the title of the record ultimately having a unique meaning to each of the individual band members, the initial idea for the name was sparked by their admiration for the music that defined the 1950’s and the untimely deaths of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J.P. Richardson in the infamous plane crash. Since that tragic day, February 3rd, 1959, has been forever referred to as “the day the music died.” BENEATH THE SKY felt it was appropriate to pay homage to those who came before them.

The dark, somber title is fitting, however. With this sophomore release, the BENEATH THE SKY approached the songwriting with a darker outlook and tone. The release, powered by raw, human emotion, is based completely on the member’s fears, hatred and love… as well as a great deal of change. Adding to the exciting change was a line-up adjustment in late 2007, which added Kevin Stafford on guitars and Bryan Cash on the drums. A natural choice to produce such a different and personal record came in trusted their friend Don Debaise. Debaise has been around since the bands humble beginnings and had worked on their two previous EPs.

(Quelle: Victory Records, 2008)


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