Jahcoustix & The Outside Players

Jahcoustix & The Outside Players [Reggae]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Modernsoul

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Our author JAHCOUSTIX has just released a brand new album called "Jahcoustix & the outside players". This time Jahcoustix is working within a new constellation of musicians in a totally unique setup. In collaboration with band members from Tiger ... MORE


Honour Amongst Chaos [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Listenable Records

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Formed in 1993, WAYLANDER released their debut demo, Once Upon An Era, in early 1995. Mixing Irish folk music with extreme Metal, Waylander were soon dubbed Folk, Celtic and Pagan Metal. In 1996, with the addition of a full time tin-whistle player, ... MORE

Silent Rage

Four Letter Word [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Frontiers Records S.R.L.

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Silent Rage formed in 1985 with the three founding members EJ Curse, Jesse Damon, Mark Hawkins. The band is known for their multi - captivating vocals, the unmistakeable blend of Melodic and Hard Rock and signature songwriting reminiscing of the ... MORE

Land Of Tales

Land Of Tales [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Frontiers Records S.R.L.

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Land of Tales is a brand new band based in Finland masterminded by two guys, Kristian (guitar and vocals) and Palle (keyboards), who started doing music together since the tender age of six and seven. They have been playing together for fifteen ... MORE

Kotzen, Richie

Live In Sao Paulo [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Frontiers Records S.R.L.

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Richie Kotzen’s first-ever live album comes about when Kotzen after much prompting from fans, chose for the purpose a stellar performance from his South American tour in 2007. "Live in Sao Paulo" is an absorbing collective blend of Kotzen’s songs ... MORE

Harem Scarem

Hope [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Frontiers Records S.R.L.

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

Harem Scarem exploded onto the music scene in 1991 with their self-titled debut album. The first album spawned several singles and videos which proceeded to take the band’s home country, Canada, by storm. Songs like "Slowly Slipping Away”, ... MORE

Beneath The Sky

The Day The Music Died [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Victory Records

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

The Day the Music Died. It’s a loaded phrase that is primed to spark different emotions from a wide range people. Perhaps it is an ironic title choice for a new exciting, new record from a Cincinnati, Ohio-based heavy metal band, but it’s definitely ... MORE


Search & Destroy [Pop]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Sound Pollution Distribution

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade


Lou Lou & The Guitarfish

Lou Lou & The Guitarfish [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Birdman

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade

Blending classic garage rock with contemporary pop leads, Lou Lou & The Guitarfish rock San Francisco with a fresh, jovial attitude. Fronted by Lou Lou & George Rosenthal (heirs of CRIME's Hank Rank and VS's Carola Anderson), this 5-piece maintain a ... MORE

Ragga Twins

Ragga Twins Step Out [Reggae]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Soul Jazz


Geburt eines Sounds: umfangreiche Retrospektive der Jungle-Pioniere. Die Ragga Twins gelten als Bindeglied zwischen britischem Dancehall-Reggae, Jungle und Hip-Hop. Neben den Produzenten PJ und Smiley alias Shut Up And Dance haben Deman Rockers ... MORE

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