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RELEASE: 01.08.2008

LABEL: Steamhammer



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It's been two years since we last heard from zebrahead, but the Orange County, California-based band is making its presence felt once again with the group's highly-anticipated new album Broadcast to the World. Revitalized, road-tightened and eager to redefine its focus, the quintet comes out swinging, delivering a flurry of pummeling rhythms, clench-fisted chords and meaty hooks that connect with each listen.

Produced by Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Social Distortion, Silverstein ,Tenacious D) and the band, Broadcast to the World proves it was worth waiting for with smart, razor-sharp rockers like "Rated U for Ugly," "Karma Flavored Whisky" and "Broadcast to the World". The album has all the electrifying energy of a live zebrahead show, blending raging tempos and ringing guitar lines into surging, insistent choruses that stick after a single listen.

Against a big, buoyant backdrop painted by guitarist Greg Bergdorf, drummer Ed Udhus and bassist Ben Osmundson, Lewis and rapper Ali Tabatabaee detail scenarios of betrayal ("Here’s to You"), domestic troubles ("Your New Girlsfriend Wears Girlpants") and soured relationships ("Back to Normal"). With new addition to zebrahead Matty Lewis on this album you can tell the band means business. “This is the first time in 6 years everyone has participated and worked as a team”, says bassist Ben Osmundson. What we've seen and been through over the last year and half--both individually and as a group. A lot of that wound up working itself into the music, resulting in our most personal and rocking album to date. We now have a reason we have been looking for to conquer the world……the band is a unit of one!”

As for the album title, Tabatabaee says it's our promise to travel the World on tour. "We're so grateful for the support and patience people have had while waiting for us to deliver a new record and a new family member with Matty. We've kept in touch with through our web site, posting road journals and studio updates and corresponding through e-mail, and we really appreciate the fact that everyone has stuck by us. This one's for the people and everyone who has made the last year our best year. To see the attendance of our shows going up with no new album over the last year and a new family member has been overwhelming!"

Broadcast to the world is the successor to zebrahead's critically acclaimed third release, MFZB. MFZB had the highest testing alternative song for months running with “Rescue Me”. MFZB also went gold in Japan! Playmate of the Year, released in 2000 to rave reviews, the album's infectious title track received over 4000 spins on Modern Rock and Rock radio, garnering airplay on some of the nation's biggest alternative stations, including KROQ in Los Angeles, KNDD in Seattle, KDGE in Dallas and WRAX in Birmingham. The editors of OC Weekly included the band in their "129 Greatest OC Bands Ever" list"…Playmate of the Year was just as catchy and hummable as anything the Offspring or Lit ever came up with." Meanwhile, its provocative companion video, which co-starred a harem of curvy Playboy playmates and was shot at the Playboy mansion, was steaming up television screens across the country.

The band gigged relentlessly in support of the album, and toured with a diverse cast of characters, including Less Than Jake, Kottonmouth Kings, 311, Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger. Reviewing a local show, the Los Angeles Times praised the band for "its blend of punk-pop and rap," writing, "The quintet understands how to keep a crowd engaged, fueled by nonstop energy....The band was smooth and confident... like a new generation of Rat Pack Showmen…” Daily Variety lauded the group for offering "75 minutes of easy to digest, high energy music that recalled such bands as Descendants, 311, Blink 182 and the Beastie Boys."

After conquering the States, zebrahead tore through Europe with Green Day and played a plethora of festival shows, sharing stages with everyone from The Strokes and Radiohead to Good Charlotte and Stone Temple Pilots. From there, it was off to Japan.

zebrahead's year was capped off by a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance for their blistering cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman." The track appeared on the Extreme Championship Wrestling companion album, ECW Extreme Music, and featured legendary Motorhead frontman Lemmy on lead vocals. “Who doesn’t want to say they recorded a song with Lemmy?”, says guitarist Greg Bergdorf. The answer----EVERYONE!

Inspired by the likes of Fugazi, the Descendants, Rage Against the Machine and Green Day, Lewis, Bergdorf, Osmundson, Tabatabaee and Udhus formed zebrahead in 1996. After building a rabid fanbase on the strength of their raucous live shows and releasing the Yellow EP on indie label Doctor Dream in 1998, the band signed with Columbia Records who released zebrahead's major label debut, Waste of Mind, later that year. That was followed by Vans Warped Tour dates.

zebrahead has turned up the juice with the mesmerizing tuneful Broadcast to the World, a brilliantly balanced album of atom-smashing guitars and pop-savvy melodies. "Every band says this is their best album," says Osmundson. "From front to back, this is no holds barred rock and roll and by far our best album as a band!"

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