Benjiman, Milez

Feel Glorious [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 11.04.2008

LABEL: Tru Thoughts

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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"Feel Glorious" is the stunning stylish debut album from Milez Benjiman on Tru Thoughts.
Boasting thirteen tracks built on masterful beats and sophisticated production, Milez Benjiman make fine use of influences from hip hop and spoken word to electronica, soul and r&b, conjuring up their own unique brand of twisted future soul.

The three charismatic individuals who make up Milez Benjiman – Gerd, Delgui & Colonel Red - came together and set straight to work on their aim of bringing the grind and excitement of true soul music at its best to the people.
In the Dutch trio's own words: "Milez Benjiman is a sonic sounding stomp of cyborg funk! Sent to hook you from root to rooftop...totally leaving you wanting more!"
They are not wrong there - "Chop That Wood", the brilliant debut single on Tru Thoughts (released on 12" in early March 2008), has been played by Gilles Peterson on his BBC Radio 1 show, received rave reactions from the likes of The Nextmen and other high profile DJs, and graced dancefloors worldwide, leaving all who have heard it desperate to get their hands on the album.

The short skit "Milezology" is an other-worldly opener. A quick lesson in the Milez Benjiman madness, the message is: "Frequency Alert! We are coming! Armed with vibez." "Chop That Wood" is an absolute scorcher with a monster of a bassline that stomps along with a funky swagger, and the party vibe continues into the laid-back future soul of "Our House", a tune that's all about Saturday night. The upbeat title track "Feel Glorious" with an optimistic hip hop funk vibe and a hint of gospel pricked up many an ear as the b-side on the "Chop That Wood" 12". That cheeky electronica bubbling up through the layers brings out Milez Benjiman's sophisticated craftsmanship. Onwards to the pared down soul of "Crucify" with a tender vocal and close, spine-tingling harmonies laid perfectly over the sparse minimalism of the beat. "Inheritance" moves the album into slightly more broken, experimental dance territory, a deep track with spoken word vocals from Colonel Red, who amazingly provides all the vocals on this album, much as it may sound like a whole host of different vocalists creating the huge range of sounds and moods on these tracks. "Hold Your Head High" is one for all the people around the world who dare to be creative. It sounds at once stunningly modern, with its backdrop of subtle electronic hooks, and instantly classic, with a "stand up straight and hold your head up high" mantra, off-beat handclaps and the vocal with a nod to old-school hip hop. A damn fine mix of electronica, hip hop and breaks with charismatic vocals and a dose of sweet, downbeat soul, the album sure will be turning ears everywhere...


01. Milezology
02. Chop That Wood
03. Our House
04. Feel Glorious
05. Crucify
06. Inheritance
07. Hold Your Head High
08. What's Your Name
09. Crazy 'Bout Ya
10. Soundcheckin'
11. Timeless
12. Ixlanaplaz
13. Destiny

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 2008)


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