Turner, Prozack

Bang A Thon [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 31.03.2006

LABEL: Hungerstrike/Pockets Linted

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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The frontman of critically acclaimed California hip hop group Foreign Legion steps to the plate in his first solo album on independent label Hungerstrike Records.

Originally signed to Dreamworks records in 2002, Turner has recorded with Pete Rock, Madlib, Organized Noize, The Alchemist and Jay Dilla among others to create a soulful journey, entitled "Death, Taxes and Prozack", which has been bootlegged, although never released due to the labels demise shortly after completion of the album.

Turner created his own label, Hungerstrike, named from the inspiration of 'staying hungry' in the music biz.

"I grabbed an old suitcase I had, with a broken handle and no wheels, filled it with clothes, my notebook, a two pack of Sharpies (felt tipped pens preferred by the best) and some beat cds from producers I knew, and I was off to Ireland to create my follow up album", Turner says. Five weeks later, "Bangathon!" was born. "Bangathon!" is Rocky 2, where Rocky wins!" says Dick Valentine, Turner's longtime barber and former bodyguard to James Garner. The energy on
"Bangathon!" is fierce and infectious. Producing two of the musical compositions himself, and working with producers such as Jake One (De La Soul, G-Unit, MF DOOM), OH NO (Stones Throw), and Paul Nice (Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Masta Ace), Prozack laces the tracks with lyrics of pain, passion and humor, story telling and songwriting skills like a man who is in a deadly hip hop video game, with only one man left, he has to win, and win he does.

From classic soul, to classic rock samples, this album achieves what many attempt: hot shit!


1. Intro - prod. by DJ Ray
2. Rhymin' Over Breakbeats - prod. by Oh No
3. Summertime In The Town - prod. by Quincy Tones
4. Hungry - prod. by Prozack Turner
5. Something In the Air - prod. by DJ Ray
6. Ya'll Ain't Fussin' With Us - prod. by Jake One
7. Fifty Pound Radio - prod. by Oh No
8. The Ballad Of Adriana Sage - prod. by Paul Nice
9. Club Girls - prod. by Paul Nice & Prozack Turner
10. Stand Up - prod. by Oh No
11. Bangathon! - prod. by Prozack Turner
12. World's An Uproar - prod. by Quincy Tones
13. Alicia - prod. by Oh No
14. I Wanna Go Home - prod. by Oh No

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 3.2.2006)


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