Hospitalised [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 30.01.2006

LABEL: Hospital Records

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

To celebrate 10 years of Hospital they've put together the fattest primary care package to give both hardcore fans and recent NHS converts the chance to revel in some of their finest moments past, present and future! 71 tracks from the labels catalogue, skillfully blended across 3 action packed CDs! Hold on tightly now:

On the first disk, founding father Tony Colman (aka London Elektricity), gives us a rare glimpse through the mists of time, and takes us to a simpler, more innocent age. From NHS1 "Harp of Gold" to tunes like "Song In the Key of Knife", to Origin Unknown's remix of "Round the Corner" to "Part of Me" by Klute. 23 classic cuts, craftily squeezed onto one retro megamix.

Disk two is mixed by our resident superstar DJ High Contrast, and re-lives the halcyon days when the NHS takeover really began. Massive tunes like "The Basement Track" or "Racing Green" will have you shaking your stuff.

The final reckoning is new-skool saviour Cyantific's powerhouse crunch mix. It's a shamanic performance on two turntables, with double drops and teases all over the shop, but never losing site of the Hospital master plan. There are exclusive new cuts from Q-Project, Logistics, Danny Byrd and more. High quality Fast Soul Music to look out for in 2006.

CD1: Mixed By London Elektricity

01. London Elektricity "Pull The Plug (Intro)"
02. London Elektricity "Songs In The Key Of Knife"
03. Peter Nice Trio "Harp Of Gold"
04. Peter Nice Trio "Flight Of The Vulture"
05. London Elektricity "Brother Ignoramus"
06. London Elektricity "Rewind"
07. High Contrast "Global Love" (Calibre Remix)
08. Klute "Part Of Me"
09. High Contrast "Passion"
10. Total Science "Flip Flop"
11. London Elektricity "My Dreams" Total Science Rmx
12. London Elektricity "Cum Dancing"
13. Danny Byrd "Do It Again"
14. Liane Carroll "The Trap" Calibre Rmx
15. London Elektricity "Round The Corner" Origin Unknown Rmx"
16. Landslide "Drum And Bossa"
17. London Elektricity "Dirty Dozen"
18. Dagga "Laughing Gas"
19. High Contrast "Make It Tonight"
20. High Contrast "Suddenly"
21. High Contrast "What s The Story"
22. High Contrast "Return Of Forever"
23. London Elektricity "Wishing Well" Danny Byrd Rmx

CD 2: Mixed By High Contrast

01. Syncopix "General Hospital"
02. Cyantific "90"
03. London Elektricity "Different Drum" Photek Rmx
04. DKay & DJ Lee "Touch"
05. London Elektricity "Fast Soul Music" Nu Tone Rmx
06. High Contrast "Natural High"
07. Cyantific "Output"
08. Landslide "It s Not Over" Influx UK Rmx
09. Logistics "Together"
10. High Contrast "Basement Track"
11. Cyantific "Neon Skyline"
12. Q-Project "Living With Beaker"
13. Zed Bias "Someting About This"
14. Lenny Fontana "Spread love" Nu:Tone Rmx
15. Lenny Fontana "Spread love" Zero Tolerance Rmx
16. London Elektricity "Born To Synthesise"
17. Nu:Tone "Breathless"
18. Tomahawk "Until Dawn"

CD 3: Mixed By Cyantific

01. Logistics "Beatbox Master" mixed with "Inside My Soul
02. Syncopix "8 Bit Blues"
03. Danny Byrd "Dog Hill"
04. Logistics "West Country"
05. Q-Project "Future Look"
06. Ill Logic+RAF "We Are Now"
07. Cyantific "Snowflake" with "Pussy Galore
08. London Elektricity "Power Ballad"
09. Q-Project "Silicon Mistress" With "Obsession"
10. Cyantific "Don t Follow"
11. Nu:Logic "Countdown"
12. Nu:Tone "Seven Years" Matrix Rmx
13. Logistics "Shooting Star" with Mindscape "Chillin"
14. Cyantific "Ghetto Blaster"
15. Q-Project "Computer Love"
16. Nu:Tone "Stay Strong"
17. Q-Project "Slowly But Surely"
18. London Elektricity "Strangest Secret In The World"
19. Cyantific "Power Surge" With LE "Mustard Song"
20. High Contrast "When The Lights Go Down" With Logistics "Together"
21. Logistics "Release The Pressure"
22. Cyantific+Tactile "Without Sound"
23. Cyantific+Logistics "Flashback"

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 7.1.2006)


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