Matthews, Randolph

I Love [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 13.07.2007

LABEL: Documented

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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Forget the usual tags – singer-songwriter, folk-soul, troubadour. If you catch Randolph Matthews live, either solo or with his band, you'll understand. Randolph operates in his own parallel world, well away from traditional mainstream record label marketing formulae.

Born in Camden in 1973 to West Indian parents, Matthews' early music schooling involved soaking up London's burgeoning late-80s soul-jazz scene. By the 1990s he was playing sessions for the likes of US soul/boogie legend Don Blackman, recording with Julie Dexter on the "Nocturnal Flavours" project with Aztec Productions and working with Arthur Baker on music for Brooklyn soul legend, Will Downing.

Since then, Matthews has graced an impressive series of forward-thinking projects in conjunction with some of London's leading soulful musicians and producers, including two fruitful collaborations with hip hop DJ Rob Mac. First up, "Speeka" (for Ultimate Dilemma in 2001), matching low-slung hip hop breaks and basslines with well-crafted songs. Then, "Gum Drop", bringing heavier p-funk, jazz fusion and electro arrangements to the table on their acclaimed "Hi-Falutin" long player in 2006.

His new recordings reflect the deep-rooted base under-pinning his music, a desire to experience the full potential of what music can do to affect other people's lives, small ripples that may have wide-reaching resonance in the world at large.

His debut for Documented brings to the fore his personal, intimate delivery within seven varied acoustic pieces, all produced by Tony Nwachukwu (NEPA/CDR/Attica Blues). Tracks range from the epic, soaring "I Love", building from an acoustic base to an overwhelming finale, to the jaw-dropping "Cohon Piece", a masterpiece of freeform expression as Matthews chants and flows over raw percussive rhythms.

01. I Love
02. Indigenous Man
03. Dazed And Confused
04. Guitaresque (Interlude)
05. Canvas
06. Angel
07. Cohon Peace

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 5.7.2007)


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