All Pro [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 27.07.2007

LABEL: Decon Records

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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Decon and 2K Sports are pleased to announce the release of the latest "All-Pro Football 2K8" video game soundtrack, Z-Trip’s "All Pro". One of the world’s most celebrated DJs and producers, DJ Z-Trip’s latest release showcases 13 original tracks, remixes, and mash-ups featuring top-notch hip hop artists like Slug of Atmosphere, Rakim, Dead Prez, Chali 2na, Aceyalone, and rock favorites like Deftones, Rush and Chevelle to name just a few.

On "Locked and Loaded"” Dead Prez provide an all-new rap over a rousing Deftones track. Any hard rocker or hip hop head will appreciate "Let the Rhythm Hit Em", where Z-Trip mixes hip hop legend Rakim over alternative rockers Chevelle. Finally, in trademark Z-Trip mash-up style, he ends with a remix of the classic Rush track "Tom Sawyer".

"Working with Z-Trip for the "All Pro" soundtrack was the ideal scenario, his mash-ups and crate digging skills are legendary. He gave the game a unique soundtrack while simultaneously creating a great production record", explains Peter Bittenbender, CEO of Decon. "The minute we decided to do rap/rock record he was our top choice as the producer."

Doing more than 100 shows a year, Z-Trip is one of this generation's biggest DJs and is known as the founding father of the mash-up movement. Adding credibility to this hybrid art form, Z-Trip's major label debut "Shifting Gears" was released in 2005 to much critical acclaim. This summer he will be hitting the road again, but in support of "All-Pro Football 2K8"’s soundtrack, which will be available both in the game and CD stores worldwide.

"One thing I really appreciate about 2K Sports is they take chances when it comes to their music selection, and I'm all about that", notes DJ Z-Trip. "Working on the "All Pro Football 2K8" soundtrack gave me the opportunity to really mix things up. The music fits perfectly in the game, making you want to nod your head and tackle someone at the same time."

The critically acclaimed 2K football series will feature an authentic next generation gridiron experience that showcases legendary gameplay, innovative features, and the outstanding visual quality sports gamers have come to expect from 2K Sports.

"All Pro" is stirring and pioneering, but most importantly maintains the party vibe Z-Trip is famous for.

01. All Pro Intro
02. Something Different feat. Chali 2Na & Keno 1
03. Sudden Death feat. DJ Faust
04. Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em 2007 feat. Rakim & Chevelle
05. Doing It Like This feat. Clutch
06. Automatic At It feat. Aceyalone
07. Locked and Loaded feat. Deftones & Dead Prez
08. On My Side feat. Lateef & Slug of Atmosphere
09. I Don’t Need This Trouble feat. Natural Self
10. Sure Shot feat. Pep Love & Casual (of Hieroglyphics)
11. Rock, Shock, Break feat. Backyard Bangers
12. Go Hard feat. Dub Trio & Gift of Gab
13. Tom Sawyer (Z-Trip Remix) feat. Rush


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