Dark Moor

Tarot [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 16.02.2007

LABEL: Scarlet



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In August 1999, Dark Moor recorded in Madrid, beside Arise Records, their first album, “Shadowland”, which was very well received in the whole Spain. “Shadowland” achieved also great attention in the most important classic heavy metal enclaves like Japan and Germany. The following Spanish tour, with some gigs accompanying Demons & Wizards, consolidated the band in the national market and prepared the ground for the next album, “The Hall Of The Olden Dreams”, recorded in Italy at New Sin studios with the renowed producer Luigi Stefanini. It was August 2000 and the definitive take off, for Dark Moor, was going to take place. “The Hall Of The Olden Dreams” was released in Japan, Brazil, Korea, South America, Russia, Thailand, Romania and Taiwan, and was distributed all over the world, making Dark Moor the first Spanish band achieving a product capable to create so much expectation in the international market.

In the following tour the band includes some festivals, getting great success both from the audience and the international press, finding some time also to participate to the Helloween tribute-album “The Keepers of Jerico” with the song “Halloween”. In those days, Dark Moor receive a prestigious award as the revelation band of the year from Heavy Rock Magazine. A limited E.P., “The Fall Of Melnibone” follows, but in November 2001 everything is ready to start recording the third album.

“The Gates Of Oblivion” was recorded, once again, at New Sin studios with Luigi Stefanini, with collaborations coming from the Valcavasian Choir and the singer Dan Keying (Cydonia). The new creation meant a step forward in the growth of the band, being released in new countries like Canada, and achieving a deal with the JVC for the Asian market.

In august 2003, Dark Moor get in the studio again to record 4 acoustic song for the album “Between Light and Darkness”. This CD is recorded in Madrid, at the Cube studios. Shortly before releasing this album Elisa C. Martín left the band. Alfred Romero came in to replace her on vocals.

The band travelled to Italy again to record “Dark Moor”, the fourth full length. With a rawer and better sound, not to mention the amazing new singer, the band confirms its positive evolution and its good health, jumping into an international tour and conquering, alongside After Forever, many countries such as Spain, Belgium and France. In 2004, Dark Moor participate to another tribute-album: this time to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Tribute to a Mad Man”, with the cover version of the classic “Mr. Crowley”. The moment to confirm the band’s good health comes along with the recordings, during Summer 2004, of the fifth record of the band, "Beyond The Sea", released in April 2005, at a point where dark Moor was already considered one of Europe’s leading metal acts.

But the past is past and now it’s time to talk about the future: “Tarot” will be the title of the next album for Dark Moor, an intriguing concept about the major arcanes of the tarot, going deep in the meaning of each arcane and the esoteric halo that surrounds it. The band put a major attention in the symbolism of each card (and the tarot that represents), trying to find a link with real life which, as the band likes to say, is often a reflection of life itself. Production duties were once again handled by renowed producer Luigi Stefanini (Rhapsody, Labirynth, Vision Divine). The impressive artwork was made by Derek Gores (Edguy, Kamelot). The album will be out in late February/early march. A real metal masterpiece is going to land on planet earth!

(Quelle: Scarlet)


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