High Contrast

Confidential [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 02.05.2009

LABEL: Hospital Records

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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Successor to The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Underworld, High Contrast is another exceptional British dance music artist conquering the world’s dancefloors. Making his debut way back in 2001, he’s come a long way.

Hospital Records – a label at the top of its game – have cherry-picked this selection to represent the very finest moments of his catalogue so far. This extensive dossier contains no less than 25 heavy hitters. The evidence is plain to see. Adored, by both fans of d&b, house, rock, indie and electronica, High Contrast holds a unique position in the music scene – a fact reflected in this rich tapestry of musical reference points. High Contrast is the sound of Radio One on a friday night – indeed “Racing Green” was the first-ever tune to be played on Annie Mac’s flagship show. Jo Whiley, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Fabio & Grooverider are all huge fans.

“Confidential” is a first-class collection of High Contrast originals on the first CD, augmented by a remixing masterclass on the second CD. High Contrast’s remix discography is comprehensive. Some of the biggest names in popular music rubbing shoulders with exponents of dance music’s cutting edge. From chart toppers like Adele to early underground excursions with Ils and Omni Trio, this CD makes it easy to hear why High Contrast has become the go-to-guy for every Blackberry-waving A&R executive in the music biz. High Contrast has proved that his music is equally at home at midday on Radio One, as it is at 5am on the dancefloor at ‘Fabric’. High Contrast is not only the biggest thing in drum & bass, but a producer whose ability to reach a wider audience through the accessibility of his music is unparalleled. World beating, scene changing drum & bass, this is how it’s done!


  1. «Racing Green»
  2. «Return Of Forever»
  3. «If We Ever»
  4. «Seven Notes In Black»v«Kiss Kiss Bang Bang»
  5. «Twilight's Last Gleaming»
  6. «Tread Softly»
  7. «Lovesick»
  8. «Music Is Everything»
  9. «The Persistance Of Memory»
  10. «The Basement Track»
  11. «When The Lights Go Down»
  1. Adele «Hometown Glory (High Contrast RMX)»
  2. The Streets «Has It Come To This? (High Contrast RMX)»
  3. «The Basement Track ((High Contrast RMX)»
  4. Omni «Renegade Snares (High Contrast RMX)»
  5. Eric Prydz «Pjanoo (High Contrast RMX)»
  6. London Electricity «Remember The Future (High Contrast RMX)»
  7. Utah Saints «Something Good 08 (High Contrast RMX)»
  8. ILS «No Soul (High Contrast RMX)»
  9. Missy Elliot «We Run This (High Contrast RMX)»
  10. Blaze «Precious Love (High Contrast RMX)»
  11. Blue Sonix «This Feeling (High Contrast RMX)»
  12. Basement Jaxx «Hey You (High Contrast RMX)»
  13. London Electricity «My Dreams (High Contrast RMX)»
(Quelle: Groove Attack, 2009)


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