Hope, Alexandra

Invisible Sunday [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 03.04.2009

LABEL: Manimal Vinyl

VERTRIEB: Cargo Records GmbH

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Minnesota-born and ex Paris-dwelling chanteuse Alexandra Hope's debut album "Invisible Sunday" finally sees the light of day after years of honing her craft on the stage.

She got her start in Minneapolis opening for acts diverse as Don Cabellero, Elliot Smith, and Idlewild. After entering the French music scene as a complete unknown, Alexandra's brand of breathtaking guitar/piano based gothic folk-rock quickly found success attracting a local following and getting airplay on French radio.

Recently relocating to New York City, Alexandra enlisted to the help of David Muller (Fiery Furnaces) to help record her first LP. Recorded in just 3 days, "Invisible Sunday" is 9 tracks of sheer bliss recalling glorious "girl group" Phil Spector-isms, Francoise Hardy, PJ Harvey, early Liz Phair, and even the 90s drone rock of Sonic Youth or Helium. Taking a minimal approach to recording, this bass-less collection of song features Alexandra on guitar and vocals, while Muller plays drums and piano throughout. Despite the nature of the folk genre, people are often taken by surprise how sonically fierce her music can be.

The energy shines through in a live setting especially. Alexandra's innocent look can be little misleading, as the imagery in the lyrics reveal an edgier, darker side. Her songs are youthful yet have a sense of experience and knowing.

Her catchy debut single "Whatever You Want" is already getting substantial airplay on LA's Indie 103 and she will be touring the US this winter with VoicesVoices and Corridor.

(Quelle: MySpace Alexandra Hope, 2009)


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