Sub Rosa [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 13.02.2009

LABEL: Projekt

VERTRIEB: Cargo Records GmbH


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Mirabilis is the neo-classical/ethereal musical project started by Dru Allen of This Ascension and Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden. Using vocals as the primary instrumentation, Mirabilis crafts original musical compositions as well as interprets traditional classical vocal pieces from a number of different periods. The music is melodic and rich and borrows from classical, ethereal, darkwave, and gothic genres.

The name Mirabilis is Latin for something that is wonderful, miraculous, or unusual. The two women see their musical union as an amazing and unique experience and the name embodies those sentiments. Dru and Summer are the core members of Mirabilis, but they use the project as an avenue to bring in other like-minded artists as guest performers to create something that is extraordinary and unique.

In 2001, Mirabilis made their debut on Projekt Records' holiday compilation, Excelsis, Volume 3 with their rendition of the Spanish carol, "Riu Riu Chiu." In December of 2003, the band's first release, a limited edition 7-inch self-titled EP was released on Fossil Dungeon. They quickly followed up with a full-length debut CD, Pleiades, in 2004 on the Middle Pillar Presents label. Pleiades blends together the beautiful voices of Summer and Dru as well as guest vocalists Regeana Morris (of The Changelings), Katy Belle (of Matson Belle), and Rebecca Colleen Miller.

In 2008, Mirabilis returns with the second full length album, Sub Rosa. Released in partnership between Middle Pillar Presents and Projekt, the release has a unique intensity and style, showcasing a broader range of instruments and styles while still exploring familiar classical and ethereal ground. Vocals continue to shine as the dominant instrumentation but Dru and Summer also explore a variety of new lush instruments and still remain true to their own unique genre.

Summer Bowman is half of acclaimed gothic/darkwave duo the Machine in the Garden. Summer has performed roles as both a singer and songwriter and has also become involved in the recording studio engineering, mixing, and producing. In addition to these projects, Summer performs with the Austin Civic Chorus, the featured chorus of the Austin Symphony Orchestra.

Dru Allen has also put her stamp on the ethereal world, having co-founded the band This Ascension. The group blends standard indie rock with tribal elements and a number of vocal styles including opera, medieval, and traditional folk. In addition, Dru performed in the University of California Santa Barbara Women's Ensemble every quarter for four years while working towards her degree in Classical Latin and Greek.

(Quelle: MySpace Mirabilis, 6.2.2009)


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