Nobile, Fabio

Always Love [Jazz]

RELEASE: 28.11.2008

LABEL: Dejavu Records

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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Fabio Nobile is the artist of the moment for Dejavu Records, the consecrated new Italian vocal jazz and bossa nova talent who is exploding throughout Europe with his massive debut album following on the success of his singles “Zozoi” and the recent “Always Love”.

Played rigorously live from beginning to end, “Always Love” is a heterogenous mixture of vocals and instruments that clash together in a beautiful jazz mood inspired by the sheer talent that Fabio brings to each project. The remarkable album was crafted in the studio by a massive 45 musicians and includes beautiful vocal interpretations from such names as Rossella Key, Lehan Gyn, Tanya Michelle, Ana Flora, Agata Leanza, Lorraine Bowen and Angela Corti. When you hear the way in which Fabio plays the drums and percussion it will come to you as no surprise that he is one of the most sought-after session musicians in his home country of Italy, and is constantly playing venues all over with many of the biggest and best names in the business.

Fabio Nobile has taken influences from many of jazz’s grandest names, but he also has a strength and vibrancy that shines through and gives him his very own twist on things, his live performances are in fact an explosive concentration of urban soul, latin and jazz that always leaves the public wanting more. Old school meets new school, classic meets contemporary, jazzy shades intertwine with forward thinking compositions, this is Fabio Nobile…

“How unusual and pleasing it is to hear a drummer make an album filled with sensual songs. The arrangements here are simply beautiful and Gerardo Frisina’s remix of ’Didn’t You Know” is outstanding and completes an album that makes a perfect Summer soundtrack, Italy meets Brazil on a sunny day!’ – Bluey of Incognito

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 30.10.2008)


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