Shining [Soul, Funk, R'n'B]

RELEASE: 21.11.2008

LABEL: Skyline Recordings

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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The message is simple: feel the groove and get into it!
From James Brown and Funkadelic to Kool and the Gang and the Fatback Band, it’s all about the groove and ‘that’ sound. In an age where digital technology is fast becoming king, Funkshone offer you a slice of yesterday for tomorrow. So turn it on, turn it up and get down to the deep funk sound.

With “Shining” the new contenders for ‘best funk band in the UK’ drop a great debut album, chock full of drum breaks and killer rhythms.

After a number of stunning 7"s and two sold out shows at the Jazz Café, Funkshone are more than ready to drop their debut album – here you have a 12 track album that covers the funky four corners of the the world.

Opening the album is a drumtastic break beat explosion called “Let The Drum Speak” and, oh yes, brothers and sisters, let them scream the roof off! Accompied by Tom McLoad on baritone who lays down a monster of a groove.

The album also offers “The Raw”, “Deeper Love” “Droppin”, and “Wired” which all feature the dynamic and superb soulful voice of Nastasha Watts. Other new and super funky recordings are “Run For It” and “The Strut”, two new original funky workouts.

Also included are two b-boy stompers, “Hot Wheels (The Chase)” (from Ossie Davis’ 70ies film “Gordon’s War”) and “Panama” (first released by the Roy Porter Sound Machine band). Both are super heavy-weight versions ready to blow up!

01 «Let The Drums Speak»
02 «The Raw»
03 «Deeper Love»
04 «Purifivation»
05 «Droppin'»
06 «Run For It»
07 «Stop The Bus»
08 «The Strut»
09 «Wired»
10 «Hot Wheels (The Chase)»
11 «Panama»
12 «It All Comes Down To This»

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 31.10.2008)


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