Lucifer Rising [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 03.10.2008

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

VERTRIEB: Warner Music Group


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The ultimate Doom Metal supergroup strikes back! Enforced by Texan vocal god Robert Lowe (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) since the last album "King of the grey islands" (2007), songwriting genius Leif Edling and his Swedish Doom gang return with their latest treasure chest filled with gems of depression and slow motion–hymns: "Lucifer Rising" truly rings the bells of hope and faith for all Epic Doom gourmets out there!

Many listeners might be unaware that on CANDLEMASS` groundbreaking debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” (which gave a name to a whole subgenera) the vocal duties were not covered by Messiah but by Johan Langquist. Messiah joined Black Sabbath enthusiast Leif Edling and the rest of the crew in time for their second effort, the immortal and epic “Nightfall”.
The density of all-time favourites such as “Dark Are The Veils Of Death”, “Bewitched” or “The Well Of Souls” on the 1987 album was, and still remains, breathtaking.
After the release of 1989`s concept album “Tales Of Creation”, Messiah left the band for the first time. The two “comeback” albums “Dactylis Glomerata” and “From The 13th Sun” were recorded with different vocalists and saw the band experimenting with new moods and styles.
The reunion with Messiah, who rejoined the band in 2002 for a legendary tour and more memorable shows, didn`t last long: in 2004 the next split occurred. Marcolin returned for the self-titled, massive “Candlemass” album which marked the band`s debut with Nuclear Blast. This opus embraced both a heavy, modern sound and the timeless CANDLEMASS trademarks that has won legions of fans since the bands early days in the mid eighties. The band`s ninth effort, “King Of The Grey Islands”, considered by Leif Edling as the band`s "black album", introduced Doom legend Robert Lowe as the new singer to the CANDLEMASS fanbase as the big old monk had finally left for good.

The "Lucifer Rising" EP is further proof for the newfound power and enthusiasm of the 2008 CANDLEMASS line up: the title track is a massive oldschool hymn swaying between upbeat NWOBHM influences, trademark Doom guitars and an infectious chorus. "White god" rather serves as the bleakest and most grim side of the band with an atmosphere worthy of a winter funeral. As a special treat, the band rerecorded the classic "Demons gate" which soars to new heights with Robert Lowe on vocals. The "EP" (the total running time ranges over 70 minutes!!!) is rounded off by some energetic cuts from CANDLEMASS´ last European tour in 2007.
Autumn 2008 can come – the perfect soundtrack is already here!

(Quelle: Nuclear Blast, 2008)


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