RZA Aka Bobby Digital

Digisnacks [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 04.07.2008

LABEL: Bodog Music Europe

VERTRIEB: Soulfood

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After producing well over 800 tracks for the Wu Tang Clan and its affiliates (take a deep breath...), ppearing in and composing for more than a dozen films including "American Gangster," "Coffee & Cigarettes," and "Kill Bill" alongside personalities such as Denzel Washington, Bill Murray, and Russell Crowe, (breathe again...) and revolutionizing the hip-hop world while simultaneously creating an empire upon it (inhaaale...), it's hard to relate to a man when he says "I've only just begun." But spend a few minutes with him. (Yes, you can exhale...for now...) Observe his rapid-fire checklist of
"shit goin' on." Now you understand what it's like to be in his world - a tireless, non-stop journey of exhaustion and exhilaration.

That's when you golly...this man's insane...he really HAS only just begun. Described by his colleagues, admirers, and even haters alike as a "mad scientist," Robert Diggs, aka RZA, comes across more like a relentless warrior. And like any good warrior, he's on a honorable quest to infect all he comes across with a positive polarity. "You taste everything every day. You go through these different shifts of positives and negatives throughout your whole day," he explains. "I just make more of a fiction thing around it, metaphors in all different ways. That's all I'm doing."

Coming from a guy who grew up as one of 25 people in a 2 bedroom apartment shared with "dopefiends, crackheads, transvestites, and teenagers trying to go to school the next morning...then you go next door and it's the same shit," you know this cat must know what the fuck is up. Nevertheless, RZA's most complex persona stems from within the ones and zeros of this purgatorial tug-of-war. It is from those chambers that a most unlikely savior emerges: Bobby Digital. "Sometimes you gotta go outside at night and do what you gotta do, know what I mean?"

Engulfed in a full on story of revenge, betrayal, seduction, hustlin' and pimpin' slaves as souls, completed with a cast of characters that includes the return of The Raven, The Hulk, The Eagle, The Vulture, and, of course, Barbara Peppers, Bobby Digital explains "if you follow the character, he's always talking with himself between good and evil, trying to balance himself. Sometimes when you think you're all the way at the end, you're actually at the beginning."

Ten years after "In Stereo," and seven after "Digital Bullet," the last Bobby Digital sighting, he's back with "Digisnacks." "This world wasn't in a digital format in 1998. Now digital is the most compelling force of commerce and entertainment," he explains, "so this is like a relaunch of the character." And some of the 'real life' characters that Bobby Digital tapped for "Digisnacks" definitely lend to the mission: John Frusciante, Dhanni Harrison, The Black Knights, Dexter Wiggles, Shavo Odadjian, Reverend William Burke, Scandinavian newcomer Thea, and there's even a track produced by David Banner.

"I think DigiSnacks is an album with a lot of fun. This album is more of a performance album too. When you see it live, you'll get a difference experience. I'm not trying to get into the world...I'm trying to bring the world to come to us."

Judging from his track record, which, most notably includes raising the Wu-Tang Clan from adolescence to hip-hop supremacy in forms and realms that didn't exist in the genre before him, he'll have absolutely no trouble. "You get the manga, you get the martial arts, you get the sci-fi, you get the blaxploitation, but you still get your real life because I'm a real person."

"It's like a Halloween basket of different candies," he continues. "You don't get the whole thing, you just get an assortment. Then you focus in."

The rest of his virtual super-enigma includes, "a great platform for the digital world...a whole new world of myth and reality where people can come talk about chess and challenge the Wu members in our chambers," a video game, a comic book, and a film, (inhaaaale...) all in development and all mostly focusing on the story of a digital superhero who "transforms into a powerful being that struggles with the good and evil inside himself by saving the lives of others."

Final thoughts Bobby? "This is definitely a weed smokers' album."
Aha! But of course.

1. Digi Snacks Intro
2. Long Time Coming
3. You Can´t Stop Me Now
4. Straight Up The Block
5. Bobby Trap
6. Try Ya Ya
7. Don´t Be Afraid
8. Good Night
9. No Regrets
10. Money Don´t Own Me
11. Creep
12. Drama
13. Up Again
14. Put Your Guns Down
15. Love Is Digi
16. 0 Day
17. Glorious Day
18. Insomnia

(Quelle: Alexandra Doerrie, Another Dimension)


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