Soul Snatchers

Sniffin' & Snatchin' [Soul, Funk, R'n'B]

RELEASE: 28.03.2008

LABEL: Social Beats

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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Real soul music never dies. That's what the insatiable musicians of Dutch band The Soul Snatchers prove every time they treat a swinging crowd to their timeless, down to earth funk and soul tunes, that find their roots in the sexy 60's and 70's of the 20th century.
Taking pure soul music right across the bridge into the new century, The Soul Snatchers combine unknown classics and original compositions in a show that not only appeals to connoisseurs, but just as well to bigger, more mainstream-oriented audiences. The Soul Snatchers don't claim to have invented soul music. Neither do they pretend to re-invent it. They...just HAVE it! And they LOVE to share it with funk-/soul lovers in every corner of the globe.

Founded rock solid on the well-oiled rhythm section of clean drums and thumping bass, the dangerously growling Hammond organ and the reverbing guitar sounds find their way to your soul blindly. Add to that the three-headed brass section The Dynamite Horns, the tormented throat of female singer YoYo and the charismatic performances of singer Curtis T. and special guest vocalist Jimi Bell Martin...and all ingredients for a real soul party are present.
After 7" releases on Social Beats and compilation features on such prestigious labels as Unique, Freestyle and Record Kicks, The Soul Snatchers' first full length album "Sniffin' & Snatchin'" is now finally here with mainly original compositions.


01. Approaching Target
02. I Can’t Stand It feat. Jimi Bell Martin
03. Who Told You feat. Yoyo
04. Crushed Ice
05. Off The Hook feat. Curtis T.
06. Granny’s Groove
07. People People feat. Jimi Bell Martin
08. Ask For Love feat. Yoyo
09. Good Foot Down feat. Curtis T.
10. Sodemieters
11. One Monkey feat. Yoyo
12. Sniffin’ & Snatchin’

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 2008)


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