Love International [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 08.06.2007

LABEL: Freestyle Records

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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In just a few years, Kokolo's infectious blend of social commentary, charisma and musical appeal has taken them from the tangled streets of their native New York to the world's stage, firmly establishing them as premier innovators in rhythm-based music, and drawing scores of afro-beat lovers, funk heads, salsa aficionados, dance club punters and jazz connoisseurs along the way.

Kokolo (a name derived from Spanish Harlem slang used to describe hardcore followers of afro music) formed in May 2001, at a time when the Big Apple's nu afro-beat scene began to take shape. Formed by lead singer and songwriter Ray Lugo and English trombonist Chris Morrow, the duo soon blossomed to eight core members, and within two months became mainstays at New York's venue for the avantgarde, the Knitting Factory.

Turning to the DIY ethic of his formative punk days, Lugo self-produced and released the octet's urgent "Fuss and Fight" debut through a deal with England's Afrokings label in 2002. That same year, Kokolo undertook the first of many visits to the UK, giving European audiences an initial taste of the live energy the band is known for.

"My aim," Lugo explains, "was to fuse the socio-political awareness of punk and the confidence of hip hop with the sophistication of afro-beat, funk, Latin music and beyond - in order to create something unique based on my own experiences."

Lugo's music demonstrates a continually evolving ear for song-craftsmanship, writing and producing works that owe an equal amount to Fela Kuti and Ruben Blades as they do to The Clash and hip hop.

01. Our Own Thing
02. Vote Black President (Yeah Yeah)
03. Love International
04. The Way Up
05. Congo Bongo
06. The Magnificent Seven
07. While I Got The Microphone
08. Sabroso
09. Let Compassion Be Your Fashion
10. Nueva York

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 6.6.2007)


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