Djinji Brown

Afro Bionic [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 31.10.2008

LABEL: Yoruba

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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Djinji Brown’s sound is indefinable by common terminology, words like good, great and fantastic simplify what Djinji brings to the nation of groove. As anticipated he brilliantly refines how visions of soul are sonically received with his sophomore Yoruba Records release “Afro Bionic”.

This cleverly calibrated offering combines a hip house vibe that echos a primal understanding, which systematically blends true elements of spirit. “Afro Bionic” is worth the wait as it explores authentically the sight, sound and emotions of dance music. Each track provokes an idea that only the soul can answer.

The beginning, “Afro-Tek Theory”, whose title says it all, fiercely delivering a lightening bolt that glides through ancestral grooves straight through the astral body, which is certain to electrify audiences around the world. The base beat acts a beacon to which all other sounds will follow.
Indigenous blood runs through the veins of “In The Ruff (Jungle Bunny Bounce)” which transports us into the center of this tribal essence that emulates the throb of the heart. This deep house rhythm reverberates the pulse of music reflecting all that is Africa.
Next on this sonic journey “Afro Bionic” takes us into the continuum of sensuality with “Deep In You XXX” that reaches beyond the depths of pure passion again, again and again, while sending a primal calling into a hypnotic explosion of the unknown. This reaches far into the techno ambient sounds that drive deeper onto the emotional canvas that brings forth life through a horizontal dance!
“Ancestral Black” consciously reminds us that the beat of the drum birthed nations of sound as it compels the listener to respond to the call of the percussions. “Synthetic Nature” builds on this idea while adding unique combinations of melodies adding voice to the drums layer by layer in a complex progression forging new ground for the listeners to experience.

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 2008)


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