All The Way [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 12.09.2008

LABEL: The Social Registry

VERTRIEB: Cargo Records GmbH


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All The Way, the debut full-length from Growing on The Social Registry, concludes a epic trip. Through six tracks Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo continue the conceptual arc initiated on their 2006 album, Color Wheel. If we still bought into genres, we would say that this record finally achieves a perfect balance of noise and pop, yet what we can say is that you’ll potentially hum melodies long after your headphones are out. Recorded by Barry London at his Ocropolis Studio during the 2007-08 winter,

Opener “Green Flag” sets the record’s tone. Instead of keeping the form free, a crunchy guitar texture oscillates through a drum machine, setting a distinct and danceable rhythm that forms the foundation for tone bubbles to peel off the edges of your speakers. The next track, “Wrong Ride,” might remind the listener of a never-ending roller coaster ascent – mixing subtle dub elements with interweaving sound
sculptures reminiscent of The Field. “Lens Around” continues to touch on abstract, whip-like dance rhythms in a refreshing organic context as the propulsive low-end mixes with a watery, melodic lead.
“Rave Pie Only” takes the band’s percussive exploration to its extreme – sounding akin to Total Life (solo project of Kevin Doria). The track throbs with a four-to-the-floor pulse that could conceivably
stun listeners with how far the band has come from their fluid beginnings.

In a year with The Social Registry, the band has released a killer seven-inch single and the mini-album Lateral – all while fuzzing-out faces across Europe with Japanese noise-kings, Boris. All The Way is the perfect culmination of this journey. It blows records of its ilk out of the water, and shows just how lazy and dogmatic the clones of bands like Growing have become.


“A band that’s all about progression over the past years is Growing, who have released a series of albums each more exceptional than the last. They are too busy looking ahead to be looking back” - Plan B

“More power to this droning Brooklyn duo for devising a moving, often subtly gorgeous sound.” - Spin

“Growing’s sound has become more refined and delicate, so that the rock has all but dissapeared leaving only the space. The momentum is built from glitches and jitters, gurgles and bright spots of sound, repeated and layered with warm, spacious and velvety capsules of sound.” - The Wire

1. Green Flag
2. Wrong Ride
3. Rave Pie Only
4. Innit
5. Lens Around
6. Reconstruction

(Quelle: The Social Registry)


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