Psyke Project, The

Apnea [Hard / Heavy]

RELEASE: 27.06.2008

LABEL: Lifeforce Records

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


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The Psyke Project was formed in 2001 and has its home in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band plays hardcore with influences ranging from punk to hardcore metal. The main motivation for playing this type of music emerges from a profound love for the dark and brutal sound of hardcore and the sincerity and honesty in the statements made by most bands from this scene. The Psyke Project seeks to create an intense chaotic sound mixed with heavy riffs and beautiful epic passages.

We released the first album ourselves. The first 100 shows we played we booked ourselves. This is what we love, so this is what we do.
School Rocks!!

Overview of significant events 2003-2007:

- "Samara" 2003, "Daikini" 2005 and "Apnea" 2007.
All produced and recorded by Tue Madsen in the Antfarm Studio.
- Tons of shows in 03/04.
- Roskilde Festival 03
- Jägermeister Tour 04.
- Signed record deal with CPH SOUND RECORDS in 05.
- Nominated in four Danish Metal Awards 05 (best: album, live act, debut album, web site)
- Toured all over Europe 05 promoting the Daikini release.
- Daikini is received with top reviews all over the world.
- SPOT 11 festival.
- "In the Mist" music video.
- Radiohuset Rocker 06.
- Toured all over Europe 06.
- Featured band articles and interviews in magazines like Terrorizer, Metalhammer (UK, Ger, Greece), Rocksound UK, Kerrang and many others.
- Interviews and live concerts with DR/P3.
- "45 Tears" music video.
- Management deal with CPH-SOUND (sep 06).
- Booking deal with 3RD-TSUNAMI AGENCY (Scandinavian).
- Perform live at a completely sold out DMeA 06 show in Cph.
- Eurosonic Festival 07.
- Booking deal with GLAM BOOKINGS (Benelux)
- Booking deal with GODOWN BELIEVING (Europe)
- "I get Paralyzed" music video.
- Huge spring 07 tour promoting the Apnea release.
- Apnea is received with top reviews all over the Danish press.
(the album hasn't been sent out to the Int. press yet)
- SPOT 13 Festival.
- Roskilde Festival 07.
- MTV airplay and interviews.
- MTV Headbangers Ball tour 07.
- Nominated in four Danish Metal Awards 07 (Best: album, production, live band and music video)
- Shared scenes with acts like:
Raging Speedhorn, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, Hatesphere, Burst, Raised Fist, Defdumb, Sick of it All and Hannibal Hildorf.

"Samara" is recorded live in Antfarm, 14th-19th of June 2003.
"Daikini" is recorded live in Antfarm, 14th-19th of Feb. 2005.
"Apnea" is recored live in Antfarm, 6th-11th of Nov. 2006.

Martin: vocals
Jeppe: bass, vocals
Mikkel: guitar
Rasmus: drums

(Quelle: Lifeforce Records)


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