Speakers Quake [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 12.12.2008

LABEL: Altered Vibes

VERTRIEB: Nova Media Distribution

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The Electrickus EP laid the ground, The Speaker Quake tears the ground up. We are talking about block rocking Hip Hop from the then to the now, this mini album give the old school a generous nod and at the same time a takes long look into the future.

From his early contributions to the Restless Soul family Dominic Jacobson, aka Harvey Lindo, aka Modaji, has written his own rules, created his own sound, and forged ahead on his own path of sweet soul music, block shockin breaks and beats, often featuring the finest of rhyme wizards and masters of song.

From his first mini album Presets on File Japan in the late 90s, onto futuresoul Modaji (Laws Of Motion 2001) to the recent Electrickus EP on AV Modaji has blurred the boundaries of Hip Hop, Jazz Soul, turntablist breakbeat, all the while with the deft hand of an expert in all musical fields.

Speakerquake is Modaji at his beatmeister best. The album fuses the past and future of Hip Hop Jazz and Soul, electronic and organic, soulful and raw. From the opening track Dont Explain, to Heaven and Hell, 10 Speed Gear and the whole rest of the album, what appears in your audio receptors is a skilfully woven tapestry of beats breaks snippets of sound and of colour while tempos move from the foot tapping to the floor quaking in the blink of an ear.

An expression of a colourful past of genre hopping, of crate digging and off the cuff experiments in the electronic lab the resulting album is a statement of the here and the now, the quirk and the kink, the state of the art of the beat and the bass. Grab hold of your bassbins, the Richter Scale is warning you the Speakerquake is here.


1. Dont Explain
2. Kinetic
3. Heaven And Hell
4. Bar Blues
5. Sleep Tight
6. Gone 2 Soon
7. 10 Speed Gear
8. 1 Slice Of The Pie
9. The Clock Struck 12

(Quelle: Nova Media Distribution, 4.12.2008)


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