Stassinopoulou, Kristi & Kalyviotis, Stathis

Taxidoscopio [Country / Folk]

RELEASE: 16.03.2007

LABEL: Heaven & Earth

VERTRIEB: Harmonia Mundi GmbH


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Singer, lyricist and fiction writer Kristi Stassinopoulou, a native Athenian active on Greece's underground music scene for many years, has generated a wide appeal in the international world music circuit. The successful blend of traditional greek rhythms and sound colours, haunting Byzantine vocal lines, rembetika music, psychedelic rock, ambience and electronica, combined with Kristi's vivid scenic appearance and personality and her colourful band, sparked great response and led to frequent appearances in music festivals and clubs mostly in Europe, N. America and Brazil..
Kristi's poetic lyrics evoke primordial mythology, alluding to imaginary landscapes, sun worship, bright passions and things eternal.
Her albums have been gathering enthusiastic reviews all around the globe (fRoots, New York Herald Tribune, lobal Village, Jazz Times, El Pais, Billboard, Time Out and many more), while she has been compared at times to Hedningarna, Steeleye Span, Patti Smith, Grace Slick, or Bjork.

Accompanied by her long time collaborator composer, arranger, co-producer and multi-instrumentalist -with an all-round grasp of diverse styles- Stathis Kalyviotis, they have made 4 albums of international appeal, Ifantokosmos, Echotropia (WMCE Top 10, released in Greece, in N. America and in Brasil) The Secrets of the Rocks (number 1 in the WMCE top 10 in Jan 03, released in the UK , in N. America & in Spain) and their recent release, taxidoscopio (..."traveller's tales from the Greekadelic Queen...", best 10 albums playlist of fRoots magazine,Jan/Feb 007 issue) released in Spain/Portugal, in November 06 and Germany/Austria 16th of February 07.

Kristi and Stathis continue their musical voyage, writing new songs, experimenting on sounds and giving live performances in Greece and abroad.

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