Los Desterrados

Tu [Weltmusik]

RELEASE: 16.03.2007

LABEL: Soul Seduction

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


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Los Desterrados – ‘The Exiles’ – are a London based sextet who on ‘Tu’ have created their own radical, rousing and rootsy take on the Medieval folk music of the Sephardic Jews.

Los Desterrados boldly combine the Sephardic influences of Turkish percussion, Greek Sarki, Bosnian Tango and Spanish Flamenco with an indomitable urban-spirit that gives this medieval music a Metropolitan-makeover perfect for the 21st century Diaspora.

Featuring traditional instruments such as the cajón and ‘oud with vocals in Ladino, the language of the Sephardic Jews, or Hebrew, the unconventional arrangements and rousing rhythms Los Des wield are heavily influenced by the music they’ve all grown up on as native North Londoners - rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, folk, flamenco, funk and soul.

To fully experience Los Desterrados they have to be seen live. Equally at home playing the legendary Marquee club, jazz-haven Pizza on the Park, East London’s home for cutting edge music the Spitz, the home of the London Symphony Orchestra St Lukes or even Trafalgar Square, all crowds are won over by their exhilarating live shows. Daniel surmises: “We are far closer to the spirit of bands such as the Gypsy Kings and Radio Tarifa - bands who go out their to entertain and involve the audience and put on a show, than traditional Sephardic acts such as Yasmin Levy”.

Whilst many fans of Jewish music will be familiar with the clarinet/violin-heavy Klezmer music of the Eastern European or Ashkenazi Jews, the music of the Sephardic Jews is less well known. Growing up in the Iberian Peninsula, the community was expelled at the end of the 15th century by the Catholic monarchs.

“Being pushed around from country to country, often vilified, the history of the Sephardic communities is tragic” adds Jean Marc, “yet these songs are full of life, pride and passion and are a link back to a golden age of Spain when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in a time of prosperity and cultural cross-fertilisation.” Hayley agrees: “People have preconceptions of Jewish culture as being obsessed with tragedy or the Holocaust yet this music for me is very positive. Jews aren’t all about misery, death, black hats and curly ringlets – Sephardic songs tend to be more romantic, earthy and more diverse than a lot of Klezmer songs – these songs have Latin fire in their bellies!”

Los Desterrados was founded by Daniel (vocals, guitar, ‘oud) in 1999 with two good friends Jake Baum (guitar) and Hayley Blitz (vocals). They then called upon the talents of Jean-Marc Barsam (vocals, bass), Mark Greenfield (cajón, darbouka, daf) and Ariane Todes (violin) to help record the debut CD ‘Por Dos Levanim’ in 2001. Recorded the week that Daniel was scheduled to be on his honeymoon he confirms that “the pain on that CD is real!” The following year, Jake left to move to Australia and replaced by Andrew Salida (vocals, flute, guitar), the definitive Los Des line up was formed.

Daniel is the self-confessed “group fundamentalist”, a practising Sephardi Jew, he brings the Sephardic and Middle Eastern influences to Los Des. A former shred-guitar master he got bored of playing in his bedroom and looking to his roots for inspiration his love affair with Sephardic music began by learning Flamenco guitar from a Spanish gypsy. As a graduate of the Royal Academy and editor of ‘The Strad’ - the magazine for bowed string players – Ariane is the classically trained member of the band. She enjoys the freedom that improvisation has given her and the connection with her roots. According to family history one of her ancestors was the doctor of Queen Elizabeth of Spain - which is how her family escaped persecution when the Sephardim were exiled.

Hayley is the old skool folkie through and through - teased at school for liking Fairport Convention as opposed to Duran Duran - she turned down the offer of a record deal by psychedelic folksters Pendragon at the age of 18. A fan of the likes of Mark Murphy and Earth, Wind & Fire bassist Jean Marc got his stripes singing in male choirs and playing jazz guitar in various bands. Drew, the youngest member of the band, studied at Guildhall Music college and honed his skills busking on the underground. Whilst percussionist Mark - described by Daniel as a bit of a ‘punk’ - loves the way Los Des has connected him to his Jewish roots and heritage, Drew’s interest is more “in the groove the music has than anything else”.

“Because we haven’t heard our grandmothers sing these songs we’ve come at them from our own angles” adds Hayley. Daniel chips in “We are modern people and living in London we’re doing what Londoners do best – taking something and investing it with what we’ve heard around us, making it our own and creating something fresh”

(Quelle: Beatsinternational, 11.2.2007)


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