Thomas Siffling Trio

Kitchen Music [Jazz]

RELEASE: 19.01.2007

LABEL: Our Distribution

VERTRIEB: Soulfood


Thomas Siffling and his Trio find a wonderful balance between acoustic Jazz and electronic groove music. By the well-directed application of electronic items such as the 70s wah wah trumpet sound or a trumpet played in delay and the particular instrumentation with, for example, a Cayon, a Darabukka, or an African drum the sound spectrum of the Trio is widely amplified leading to a diversified entertainment of the audience. It’s music for the young and the young at heart, for the fans of both electronic and groovy Jazz music.

1. Entspannung im Dampfbad
2. Jazz Is Like Ginger
3. Steps in Time
4. After Work Thoughts
5. Die Leichtigkeit des Seins
6. Jakob´s World
7. The Energy of a small Woman
8. Kugelblids (Feat. Xavier Naidoo)
9. Abendlied
10. Entspannung im Dampfbad (DE/PHAZZ RMX)
11. The Energy of a small Woman (JELLY JAM smooth out House RMX)

What a strange name for a Jazz album: Kitchen music. Is it a new synonym for musical phenomena? Just like there are meanwhile similar phenomena in department stores, elevators or hotel lounges? Is it a synonym for Easy Listening or Smooth Jazz? But there can be sounded the “all-clear”: the music on the trumpeter Thomas Siffling’s new CD is far away from lulling the listeners or making them mentally immobile. The cast is willing to risk: Besides Siffling there are only the bass singer Jens Loh and the percussionist Markus Faller – additionally few digital sounds and samples. Although or simply because “Kitchen Music” sounds “striped to the bone”, Siffling’s unmistakable intuition for unheard melodies appears in front of this spare background. A vigorous bass-groove or simple rhythms are Siffling’s stimulation for top-performances on the trumpet. The result is an ever original, unique and inventive Jazz music. At last the highlight: the voice of Germany’s soul singer No.1, Xavier Naidoo, sounds simply soulful, without pathos, but humorous and profound. Just as you wish to hear him on this own publications – just soulful. (Martin Laurentius, editor Jazz thing)

Wonderful melodies with sensible but strong grooves. It is absolutely amazing, how versatile the sound of this trio can be. This is surely due to the great musical competence of all the involved musicians, but especially the sound of Thomas’ trumpet astonishes me: always calm but in its calmness constantly changing. The album isn’t nice – it’s a dream. (Peter Kleiß, Saarländischer Rundfunk)

Beautiful, relaxed-grooving CD from the Porsche driver of the German Jazz trumpeters. Groove Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop are shaking hands on this album. A jam session with Xavier Naidoo is taking centre stage. It’s Thomas Siffling’s merit having produced the funniest Xavier-lyrics ever heard. He rhymes shit and tit and is generally having a great time at the “Kugelblitz”-microphone. The two musicians are united by their affection towards Mannheim and fast cars… And above all there’s the sound of Thomas Siffling’s trumpet. Nice one, Thomas! (Matthias Vogt, re:jazz)

In the meanwhile third CD under his own name, Thomas Siffling is able to find the balance between groovy and acoustic elements. The variety of sounds is amazing, for example by using electronic effects in the nine own compositions and the Sting-Classic “Walking on the moon”! Unusual instruments, like oriental drums, the cajón or a contrabass with wah-wah-effect are also introduced besides the classical trumpet- and flugelhorn sound.
The musical unity and the joy of playing, which the trio around Thomas Siffling develops – namely the bass singer Jens Loh (Cologne) and the percussionist Markus Faller (Karlsruhe) - are highly impressive.The Jazz Prize Baden-Württemberg is going to be awarded to Siffling this year and meanwhile he is considered one of the few German Jazz trumpeters who are also internationally popular. “Between Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, between Dizzy Gillespie and Tomasz Stanko…, astounding…, a voice which pricks up one’s ears, calm but not sad, a melodic singing on the trumpet.”

“Groovy rhythm carpet and sentimental solo-parts” (Kultur Spiegel)

“A really convincing album of the genre Groove Jazz” (Jazzthing)

“Grooves without intermission. Siffling, Loh and Faller are real masters of Groove” (Concerto / AT)

(Quelle: PR, Our Distribution)

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