The Eleventh Hour [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 16.02.2007


VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


You know when talent stares you in the face. But that talent just can't see it themselves. Mist:i:cal, the trio of Marcus
Intalex, Calibre and Lee ST Files play the whole thing down in their own modest fashion on their myspace site: "We are 3 blokes who drink beer and moan a lot whilst occasionally making music. Through the haze of many a hangover we have astonishingly and quite fortunately finished an's called "The Eleventh Hour" because we do everything at the last minute and for other reasons also."

Those other reasons need to be discussed over a refreshing beverage: strong German lager is the tipple of choice. "The Eleventh Hour", the title track and killer intro to the album, is a lot more than the heaviest, fluid, drum rolling, broken-up beat-fest – it's a sonic statement that really sums up their frustrations as to what has happened to their beloved music. Alongside their resident MC and one half of Broken English, MC DRS, they have written a track that really tells the truth about a scene which is losing its integrity at an astonishing rate.
With over 15 years in the industry and a combined age of exactly one hundred years it is astonishing to think "The Eleventh Hour" is a debut album for messieurs ST Files and Marcus Intalex. Especially considering the reputation they have within the scene and the amount they spend DJing their sound out in Asia, Europe and the States. That's arguably why this project has taken so long to come to the fore!
With strength in numbers the trio demonstrate throughout a fondness and love for a melting pot of sounds and styles; Calibre has probably the biggest record collection the world has ever seen. Beats and bass are pivotal to their sound and songwriting; it's the elements that surround this that sets them a class apart from the rest. They may be tainted but certainly remain unblinkered.
Tracks such as "Memory Jog" exemplify where their sound is at and its unifying capabilities. There's a clear nod to the 'Logical Progression' sound alongside the feel and strings of Detroit Techno. Not an easy marriage for any producer, but it is carried off superbly. From Bukem through Funkadelic via Carl Craig it's this knowledge and musical awareness, executed so subtly, that gives this album a real edge.
Drum'n'bass became the most progressive music genre when it first hit the airwaves in the 1990's. It is great that the likes of Mist:i:cal are still out there maintaining the love and taking the music by the scruff of its neck. Not so much lazy pub goers, just reluctant stars who speak through their music.


01. The Eleventh Hour feat. DRS
02. Mistical Solution feat. Ras T-Weed
03. Time To Fly
04. City Life feat. DRS
05. House Of Dub
06. Natasha
07. Groove Me
08. Amen Electric
09. Stay Away feat. Diane Charlemagne
10. Memory Jog
11. Add Break
12. Losing Ground
13. Eject
14. Believe feat. Robert Owens
15. Outro

(Quelle: PR | Groove Attack, 6.2.2007)

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