Years [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 19.06.2009

LABEL: Arts & Craft



Ohad is a member of Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene, and has also contributed to albums by Feist (The Reminder) and The Hidden Cameras (Awoo).

This album is a time stamp and music is about the moment and taking what inspired you at that moment.

What inspires you now is not what sparked you five years ago or what will spark you five years from now DO MAKE SAY THINK and BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE member OHAD BENCHETRIT casts his multi-instrumental talents and studio wizardry on Years, his first solo effort. The album is a soundtrack to the white water raft ride of time itself. “Kids Toy Love Affair” begins this instrumental album with a wistful playfulness, before the listener is swept along a shimmering acoustic guitar stream with “Don't Let the Blind Go Deaf”.

Definance is pitted against sombre track titles like “Are You Unloved?”, “Hey Cancer... Fuck You!”, and “The Assassination of Dow Jones” with music that is anything but. Bursts of glitch interspersed with digitally sequenced orchestral arrangements build into rousing walls of sound that in turn subside to a gentle brook of acoustic guitar melody. Years is not without its melancholic moments, however. On “September 5. October 21. 2007.” collaborator Milos Popovic (Sphyr) cameos with stirring accordion, and fellow Do Make Say Think member Justin Small croons on the balladesque, “A Thousand Times a Day (Someone is Flying)”.

Yet, on the heels of these melancholic moments, sunny and crisp acoustic guitar strings or rousing edited instrumental arrangements flow through Years as BENCHETRIT harmonizes varied musical worlds. Whether you intend or not, music soundtracks our daily lives and on Years, BENCHETRIT captures our times with the aptness of a cinematic score. Connections through song is the mutual recognition between strangers.

Though the album clocks-in at just over a half hour the listener will be left with the impression of having gone through seasons of emotions that come with the passing of Years.

(Quelle: Alive!, 2009)


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