Bandages for the Heart [Pop]

RELEASE: 02.05.2009

LABEL: Tapete



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Das Debüt-Album "This New Year Will Be for You and Me" aus dem Jahre 2007 wurde europaweit gefeiert. Nicht nur, dass es "Record of the Week" bei Rough Trade (UK) und "Pick of the Week" bei Norman Records (UK) wurde - auf ihren europaweiten Tourneen erspielte sich die Band außerdem eine Reputation als explosive Live-Band und konnte sich vor Anfragen kaum noch retten. Auch die Musikkritiker waren beeindruckt, und immer wieder tauchten in den Besprechungen die Ausdrücke „euphorisch“, „frech“ und “sunshine pop“ auf.

Auf dem Nachfolger „Bandages For The Heart “ kreiert die sechsköpfige Band mit dem Produzenten Jari Haapalainen (The Concretes, Ed Harcourt, Moneybrother, The International Noise Conspiracy etc.) nun einen Opus mit nicht weniger euphorischen Anteilen, dafür aber mit ein paar mehr Ecken und Kanten…

Lacrosse's debut album "This New Year Will Be for You and Me" had the critics use words like "euphoric", "perky" and "sunshine pop". On the follow-up, the six-piece pop combo teamed up with acclaimed Swedish producer Jari Haapalainen (The Concretes, Ed Harcourt, Moneybrother, The International Noise Conspiracy etc.) to create an opus with no less euphoria, but a lot more edge.

Lacrosse's music sounds as if it's being performed by children, but written for adults who stumble their way through life, explains Jari Haapalainen. Recorded at the legendary Studio Gröndal in Stockholm, "Bandages For The Heart" shows a heavier and darker side of Lacrosse. With traces of disco, punk, flamenco and krautrock, the album will have you bouncing on the brightest lit dancefloor and crying in the darkest corner, all in the span of 37 minutes.

Lacrosse's debut album "This New Year Will Be for You and Me" was quickly dubbed "Record of the Week" by Rough Trade and "Pick of the Week" by Norman Records in the UK. During last year's extensive touring in Europe, Lacrosse also gained a reputation for being an explosive live act.

This is no less apparent on new studio tracks such as "It's Always Sunday Around Here", "Come Back Song #1" and the upcoming single "We Are Kids". Producer Jari Haapalainen has crafted a modern sound that captures the core of Lacrosse without losing the frenzy of their live performances.

However, to sum it all up let's put it this way: Lacrosse's second album opens the door to darkness. The sound is heavier and more frenetic. Lacrosse is still a soundtrack for endless summer nights, but the summer nights are now cold, hungry and desperate for love. Or, as lead singer Nina Wähä puts it: "The album sounds like a cross between a cactus and a kitten"!

International Quotes
"Many years of deligent research have so far failed to discover why the Nordic countries have fallen so helplessly in love with 1960's West Coast pop. They just have, and we should be glad about it."
The Sunday Times (UK)

"if you like good music - you'll love lacrosse. not only because they are beautiful, but because they make the world beautiful too. if you loved 'sunflower' by the beach boys and the music of the turtles, i'm from barcelona, neutral milk hotel, bearsuit and the lovin' spoonful then you will fall in love again!" Rough Trade U.K 'Record of the week' 19.11.2007

"This is a record that makes you want to feel that simple, unencumbered joy!" The WORD magazine (UK)

"Comme souvent en Suède, le groupe joue une pop incroyablement soignée, minutieusement coquette, rigoureusement dandy : il s’appelle Lacrosse, pas La Crasse." Les Inrocks (France)

  1. Nina Wähä: lead vocals
  2. Kristian Dahl: lead vocals, guitar
  3. Henrik Johansson: guitar, vocals
  4. Rickard Sjöberg: keyboards, vocals
  5. Robert Arlinder: bass, vocals
  6. Tobias Henriksson: drums, vocals
(Quelle: Tapete Records, 20.3.2009)

Lacrosse live - Tourdates 2009
  • 15.05.09 Leipzig – Popup
  • 16.05.09 Berlin – Lido
  • 17.05.09 Oldenburg – Alhambra
  • 18.05.09 Köln – Tsunami
  • 19.05.09 CH-Basel – Culturium
  • 20.05.09 Wetzlar – Franzis
  • 21.05.09 Aachen – Musikbunker
  • 22.05.09 Halle – Objekt 5
  • 23.05.09 Hamburg - Kukuun


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