V.A. (Freddy Fresh Presents)

Howlin' Hits [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 19.01.2007

LABEL: Howlin Rec.

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


Freddy Fresh has taken the notorious 7" single label Howlin Records and compiled 20 of the funkiest tunes onto a CD compilation. "Howlin Hits" features artists such as Krafty Kuts, Freddy Fresh, Dynamo Productions, Myagi, Ictus, Ed DMX etc. These releases were only available on limited 7" format and have now all been digitally remastered for your listening pleasure.
As well as running Howlin Records Freddy Fresh also runs the Electric Music Foundation label, which has released various 12" singles for those who like their tunes 'analog'.
Freddy has even found time to write "Freddy Fresh presents The Rap Records", a book that details everything there is to know about 'old school' rap records from 1979 through about 1988. This man knows his stuff!


01. Freddy Fresh – Humdinger
02. Myagi – I Got Beat Up By A 303
03. Ictus – Kickin The Bik Bok
04. Freddy Fresh - Boombastic
05. Freddy Fresh - Bad
06. Krafty Kuts – Stop The Nonsense
07. Freddy Fresh & Krafty Kuts – Take Me To The Disco
08. Freddy Fresh - Corillo
09. Wicked Lester – Fire In Yer Soul
10. Freddy Fresh & Krafty Kuts – Can't You See
11. Professor Angel Dust (Freddy Fresh Mix) – Oye Como Va
12. MPC Genius - 1976
13. Spear N Jackson - Substitute
14. Freddy Fresh - Sunshine
15. Freddy Fresh – Hillbilly 303
16. Scissorkicks & Sgt. Rock – 5 DJ Jingles
17. Freddy Fresh – Music For Swingers
18. Ed DMX – DMX Rocks The Wheels Of Steel
19. Freddy Fresh – Rockin To The Break Of Dawn
20. Dynamo Productions – Message To The King

(Quelle: Groove Attack, Dezember 2006)

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