Young, John Paul

In too deep [Pop]

RELEASE: 12.12.2008


VERTRIEB: New Music Distribution

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With over 4 million sales worldwide, John Paul Young (June 21, 1950–) is an Australian singer. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Young moved to Sydney as a child and by the early 1970s had become the lead singer with the Sydney rock band Elm Tree.

In early 1972 he was selected for the role of Annas in the original Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar and he remained with the production until it closed in 1974.

Visiting producer-manager Simon Napier-Bell heard him singing with his group in a pub in Western Sydney and persuaded him to sign as a solo artist to Albert Productions, (the company that had produced Australia's top Sixties group The Easybeats). Napier-Bell then produced Young's first hit single, "Pasadena" at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne.

The song was co-written by George Young (no relation) and Harry Vanda of the Easybeats together with British actor David Hemmings who was a partner in Napier-Bell's UK record label, SNB Records. When George and Harry returned to Australia, they took over as Young's producers and began writing and producing songs for him. A string of hits followed in Australia including "Yesterday's Hero", "St. Louis", "The Love Game", "Here We Go", "Keep On Smiling", "Where The Action Is", "I Hate The Music" and "I Wanna Do It With You".

In addition to his Australian success, he achieved hit singles in Europe, Asia and South Africa. "Yesterday's Hero" also became a hit in the US. In 1977 he released a disco song titled "Standing In The Rain" which became a major hit throughout Europe. Its successor, "Love Is In The Air", became a worldwide hit during 1978, peaking at 2 on the Australian charts, 7 in the US, and 5 in the UK singles chart. Subsequent singles such as "The Day That My Heart Caught Fire" and "Heaven Sent" . He turned to a more contemporary rock style in the 1980s and had his final Top 10 hit in Australia in 1983 with the single "Soldier of Fortune".

He ceased recording new music and concentrated on a second career as a radio disc jockey until the film Strictly Ballroom was released in 1992. Featuring a new version of "Love Is In The Air" the film was a success throughout the world, and Young's single once again peaked at number 2 on the Australian charts, and was a hit in the UK.

In 2000 he played as a featured performer at the Closing Ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics. 2006 saw John return to the studio at Flashpoint Music to record his first album of new material in many years.

"In Too Deep", which sees John reunite with his 70's hitmaker Harry Vanda as producer and principle songwriter. Several of the titles have been written by Vanda / Young including the first single "Isn't It Sunshine".

Working in the company of the Vanda and Young team, John Paul Young became one of the biggest Australian stars of the 70’s and his career has progressed through the 80’s, 90’s and into the 21 Century over 4 million sales worldwide.


1 In too deep
2 I' m living on dreams
3 Isn' t it sunshine
4 Not me
5 When you love me
6 Spanish guitar
7 I' ve benn waiting
8 Prisoner of love
9 When I remember you
10 Having a few
11 How can I live without love
12 Oh my love

(Quelle: myspace John Paul Young, 5.12.2008)


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