Rawls, J.

Rawls & Middle (with Middle Child) [HipHop / Rap]

RELEASE: 16.05.2008

LABEL: Polar

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


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J. Rawls is back, this time with a guitar-playing, rap-spitting, song-singing special guest: Middle Child.
With J. Rawls' creativity and solid melodic music making, the two join forces to create one of the most original, energetic and euphonic albums of the year!

Middle Child is no novice to the music scene. She has shared the stage with artists such as Angie Stone, MC Lyte, Eric Roberson and Dwele, among others. On this album, she explores every range of her musical talents.
The sassy salsa beat and Middle's hypnotic plea of "don't you wanna" on "Lovers On A Stroll" will make anybody move and encourage listeners to envision themselves strolling on a beach in the Caribbean. In the smooth and reflective song "Useless" "Rawls & Middle" lets you delve into the recesses of your mind to figure out the limits of love, and still reminds you that "love without respect is useless". She sprinkles some hip hop flavor into the album on "Kick In The Door" and "Get It On (Get It Ghost)" by showcasing her rapping skills. Finally, in a very real observation of artists' lives, Middle begs police not to arrest a necessity in her entourage, her drummer, in "Don't Lock My Drummer Up". Middle Child's genuine, thought-provoking and original songwriting spans topics from love, return of ex-lovers, an easy-breezy request to just hang out, to being thankful for what you have and sending a positive request for activism in tracks like "Music Over Madness".

As the album's producer J. Rawls complements every track with music that's just enough to highlight Middle's range and flexibility. Using signature sounds like the keys of his Fender Rhodes, Rawls' beats are sure to keep any listener bopping. The keys and congos come out in the thumpin' "Thankful" allowing a nu-soul vibe to take over. The horns on bluesy tune "Can I Be Real" remind listeners that they are listening to grown-folks music. Rawls' ability to adapt and incorporate any melodic sound necessary to get the needed result is relevant in the funky rock-infused sounds of "By Your Side".

The "Rawls & Middle" album showcases the power of two talented musicians when they let their creative juices flow freely. The authentic lyrics and body moving beats are a match made in musical heaven.

European tour dates will be announced soon!


01. Rawls & Middle (Intro)
02. Til The Sun Comes
03. Lovers On A Stroll
04. Useless
05. Can I Be Real
06. By Your Side (Intro)
07. By Your Side
08. Kick In the Door (feat. Wallabe)
09. Put Something In The Air
10. My Dreams
11. Thankful
12. Get It On (Get Ghost)
13. Don't Lock My Drummer Up
14. I'll Be Waiting (Sophie Redux)
15. Music Over Madness
16. My Dreams (Reprise)
17. Rawls & Middle (Outro)

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 2008)


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