Mel, Josie

This Whole World [Reggae]

RELEASE: 17.08.2007

LABEL: Minor7Flat5

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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The artist who made his name with the tune "Rasta Still De 'Bout" comes with a 14 track strong new longplayer featuring two combinations with Lutan Fyah and one with Smokie Benz. The producer and Minor7Flat5 labelowner Brotherman created a bunch of new riddims with veterans of Jamaican musicians. The CD comes in a six-page digipak and will also be available as limited vinyl LP. - Highly recommended!

Josie Mel - born Donald Burns Campbell on 18th March 1969 - started singing in church at the age of ten. While attending the Crooked River All Age he sang with the school group and performed at school festivals. Josie was inspired by dancehall singer Puddy Roots of the Killer Phonic Sound and his first raw exposure to the real dancehall was the Creation Sound System. At one of the dances he met producer Country Tony who took him into the Dynamic Sound Studio for the first time. He recorded two songs for Supervalue and he did recordings for the Kingswell label. Through the years Josie has recorded for Star Trail, Black Scorpio and Rainbow Castle Productions, to name a few. After already having attracted notable attention with 7" singles, tracks on compilation sets and the first first full length album "Freedom", Josie met the 'flying producer' Andreas "Brotherman" Christophersen in early 2005. After recording the hitsingle "Rasta Still De Bout" that made it to the Top Ten of Jamaica's Single Charts and got a huge international recognition, Josie joined Brothermans Minor7Flat5 camp - they released the album "Rasta Still De Bout" in 2005 and now the 2007 album "This Whole World"!

01. What Is Wrong
02. Keep Your Distance
03. This Whole World feat. Lutan Fyah
04. Mystery
05. Try Jah Love feat Smokie Benz
06. Good For Who? *
07. Little Ronny
08. Inna De Danca
09. My Baby Cares
10. Give Thanx
11. Pressurer
12. Surrender *
13. Mr. Bruno feat Lutan Fyah
14. On An On

* CD bonus track

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 5.7.2007)


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