Sleeping Giant [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 20.07.2007

LABEL: Label Of Love

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack


Inspired by a love of The Sex Pistols and soul music brought the Kent based Jel (not to be confused with the Anticon beatmaker of the same name) together a couple of years ago, initially as a four-piece. Before long they found their own voice and started writing songs about love, life and local coastal attractions! Musically, the songs evolve within the group after the initial musical ideas of Dave and Rob with Jon making the odd classic contribution. Lyrics and melody come courtesy of Andy, whose songwriting and singing are the essence of Jel's sound.

After producing a demo sampler and gigging at local venues and in London, the band quickly found management and major label interest. With an already established large and loyal fan base, Jel had the platform to move up a gear. The band released a record on ASCAP which was recorded at Blah Street and produced by Pete Jones. TV and radio sessions followed, as well as a second guitarist, Rop Pope.

Jel toured around London playing at venues such as Shepherds Bush Empire, The Forum, The Garage at Camden, Astoria 2 & The Water Rats, along with regular acoustic gigs at the Jazz Café. They also went on to play festivals in Dublin and Munich as well as at home.

After constant requests and e-mails from around the world to release new material, Jel were tempted back into the arena. The word was out and the band was signed in minutes to the "Label of Love" to release the new album "Sleeping Giant".


01. Wheels Of Steel
02. Sleeping Giant
03. Hanging Around For The Summer
04. Means To The End
05. This Is A Head Song
06. Close To The Edge
07. I Need Something To Dream
08. Black Blues Electric
09. Killer Whale
10. Flourish
11. Easy Now
12. Kizla

(Quelle: Groove Attack, 5.7.2007)


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