Krisp, Jonathan

No Horse, No Wife, No Moustache [Electronic / Dance]

RELEASE: 22.06.2007

LABEL: Cookshop

VERTRIEB: Groove Attack

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On a very sunny Wednesday morning in January 1978, Jonathan Krisp was born. Not dissimilar to being raised by wolves, Jonathan was raised in the country outside the London city limits but close enough to hear the buzz and dirty frequency of the sprawl. As he grew up, with an ear to the ground and an antenna to the skies, he discovered sounds and sampling and during the mid-nineties his aerial tuned in to the mad rave scene and cyberpunk culture. At this stage the breakdown and rearrangement of both visual and sonic elements that surrounded Mr. Krisp's environment were crucial to his joyness, and so mixing his love for ornithology, electronicky and wave forms he set forth to create music the way he wanted to hear it.

To try to describe his plight, Jonathan Krisp creates music in the way that Ray Mears makes his dinner: purposefully losing his way in a forest of elements, complex growth systems and organic vegetation that smells and appears in a plethora of bountiful glory. By discovering music and sounds, be it from car-boot sales, junk and charity shops from around the country or even from a nearby wood, then cutting, chopping and pasting these found elements, Jonathan Krisp, humour-bound and triumphant, makes a huge and rather tasty meal of it all. In his own words he once proclaimed he is "trying to impact an element of humour into what is, at times, repetitive cold electronic music made by balding, number crunching Moby-dicks in ethnic baggies". Vintage spoken word recordings, field music from every nook and cranny and off-key decrepit technology are all nice and neatly packaged into a kaleidoscopic dance, disco and electronica formula leading us to conclude that Jonathan Krisp's music is very gettable indeed, whether sellotaped to an armchair or pumping iron 'til sunrise.

Since completing his aural wonderpiece for Cookshop Jonathan Krisp has assumed the role of chief synths/eclectronics bod in Patrick Wolf's live band and is off to tour the US having just warmed up for The Arcade Fire at their Brixton show.

01. Go Not Happy Day
02. Room Full Of Spies
03. Pomfrites
04. Casio
05. No Horse, No Wife, No Moustache
06. Blaupunkt
07. All Your Favourite Super Heros
08. Paris In Winter


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