Van der Spuy, Nibs

Beautiful Feet [Pop]

RELEASE: 18.05.2007

LABEL: Sheer Sound

VERTRIEB: Rough Trade


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What, and not who, is Nibs van der Spuy?
This is probably the most appropriate way to begin an introduction about a musician who has influenced and inspired so many artists, young and old.

What Nibs is about in essence, is the beauty of music. Its freedom. Its ability to be a part of countless facets of so many people's lives. How it moves people and manages without any prejudice or judgment to bring the most unlikely characters together to share, enjoy, collaborate and live this beautiful gift. Energetic, full of life, eternally positive and absolutely passionate, are just a few adjectives that manage to describe an artist that has become widely considered as one of South Africa's most lovable characters.

Nibs van der Spuy was born on the 20th February 1966 into a musical family. From a young age he was introduced to a number of music styles from rock and jazz to classical. He began his musical journey as a drummer at age 7 and later progressed onto the guitar at age 14. After enjoying a number of musical projects as a teenager and music student, he went on to form folk trio, 'Plagal Cadence' which enjoyed a tremendous cult following until disbanding in 1992. The following year saw the emergence of a ten year project well known as 'Landscape Prayers'. The band released four highly acclaimed albums, received numerous music awards and nominations, toured extensively on the local and international stage and had a major influence on the South African music scene. Being so actively involved in music, Nibs also managed to embark on a number of solo and collaborative projects during the ten years of 'Landscape Prayers'.

His solo and collaborative discography consists of a number of successful works such as his first solo album in 1999, 'Lines on my Face', followed by his second 'Flower in the Rain' in 2002, both of which were nominated in the Best Instrumental and Best Adult Contemporary categories respectively at the South African Music Awards of those years.. Another successful release in 2004 was a joint venture with Barry van Zyl (drummer from Johnny Clegg) called 'Hadeda'. This experimental and progressive album is an exciting collection of Southern Indian rhythms, afro grooves and unique interpretations of modern styles. It features the likes of internationally renowned artists such as Shawn Phillips, Neo Muyanga (Blk Sonshine), Laurinda Hofmeyer, Concord Nkabinde, Jana Cilliers and Carlo Mombelli. Another exciting project in the same year saw Nibs touring and recording with Mozambican bassist, vocalist & producer Gito Baloi [of Tananas fame]. Shortly after the recording, Baloi was brutally murdered on his way home from a show with Nibs on the 4th April 2004 in Pretoria to Johannesburg. This duo recorded the beautiful, “Sweet-Thorn” which was released in July 2004. It has received widespread recognition in SA, Mozambique and has been released in the U.K. Most recently Nibs released his third solo album “Beautiful Feet” in July 2005 on his own label, Greenhouse Records. He continues to tour solo and with young acoustic guitar prodigy, Guy Buttery.

Besides playing music, Nibs also lectures guitar at the exclusive Crawford College and is a Music Consultant for Mr. Price Home. The company has sponsored him over the last 7 years, where through his music; he conducts educational and motivational workshops at tertiary education institutions and at a national business level.

Nibs has been a hugely prolific creative force and an inspirational figure across the globe and has unknowingly shared his love, energy and creativity with thousands of fans, friends and fellow musicians. Nibs is a unique, free-spirited, creative artist who constantly strives for truth and beauty in life and is one of the few musicians that manages to capture that essence in his songs.

The album Beautiful Feet was produced by Nibs van der Spuy, Co-produced, mastered and engineered by Brent Quinton, recorded at Sesalos studios, Westville, Kwa-Zulu Natal


Nibs van der Spuy - guitars, vocals
Guy Buttery - guitar, mandolin, sitar
Barry van Zyl - percussion
Brendan Jury - viola
Dua - vocals
Brent Quinton - bass, guitar
Neil Gonzalves - keyboards


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