Heroes & Zeros

Strange Constellations [Rock / Alternative]

RELEASE: 20.02.2009

LABEL: Redfield Records

VERTRIEB: Cargo Records GmbH


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"Wir sind definitiv eine Album-Band; dass unsere Songs auch im Radio funktionieren, ist ein schöner Bonus", konstatiert Sänger Hans Jørgen. Für diesen Aspekt sprechen auch die Lyrics, die den Anspruch, klassischen Epic Rock auf 'Strange Constellations' zu zelebrieren, unterstreichen. Womit Heroes & Zeros eine besondere Position einnehmen, da es ihnen gelungen ist, sowohl Hitsingles als auch ein homogenes Album aufzunehmen. Nicht nur deswegen werden Erinnerungen an U2, R.E.M., Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Pixies oder Spiritualized wach. Zudem spielen Bands wie die Flaming Lips, Motorpsycho, Sebadoh und Pavement eine wichtige Rolle in der Entwicklung der Musiker.

(Quelle: Starkult, 2008)

The road from their humble beginnings in Lillesand to becoming one of Oslos most promising young bands has been rather short for Heroes & Zeros, and today they’re a part of the Norwegian rock elite.
Live, Heroes & Zeros are a tight and wicked act that easily blows all colleagues right off the stage.
Heroes & Zeros released their first EP, Circles, in june 2006. After signing with Nightliner / Universal Music Norway (Norway only) the band spent the winter 2006/07 in the studio with producer Thomas Tofte, recording their debut album "Strange Constellations". The singels "Cellophane", "Into The Light", "A Strange Constellation", "Oslo Fadeout" and "The Foolproof" all got heavy airplay, and the "Strange Constellations" album was released in Norway to critical acclaim in late April 07. "Strange Constellations" got two nominations in the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys, Spellemanns-prisen.
Since their humble live debut the band has mesmerized audiences all over Norway, touring extensively as well as playing main-stages at Norway’s biggest festivals such as Øya and Hove. Moreover, the press and audience alike seem to agree that Heroes&Zeros is one of, if not, the best live band in Norway.
The band’s live appearances are sonically intense. At times they sound more like a six piece then merely a trio, and this is achieved, mind you, with a passion for hard work, attention to details and musicianship rather than playing along to backing-track.
In the summer of 2008 Heroes&Zeros released a mini-album in Norway documenting their live shows so far. It features five previously released tracks, four of which are radically rearranged and improvised versions.
Heroes&Zeros is currently working on their second album, which is due for release in Norway sometime in the spring 2009.

(Quelle: MySpace Heros & Zeros, 2008)


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